Getting better with every iteration

The idea about adidas’ 4D tech is simple: create a different approach to making midsoles through data gathered from different athletes and by 3D printing them. In theory, the lattice-like design is meant to give better cushioning since it is finely tuned according to foot data adidas has gathered. However, the first-generation of adidas 4D sneakers kind of missed the point: aside from being expensive, people had mixed thoughts about the improvements associated with 3D-printed midsoles.

More than two years later, adidas continues to tweak the structure of its 4D midsoles. While it remains to be expensive, the newer 4D sneakers have better cushioning compared to their predecessors. One of the newer models—the adidas Consortium Runner 4D V2—has earned Carlo’s approval. Why is it an improvement over the previous 4D sneakers? Watch the video below:

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Duey Guison

Duey Guison

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