Featuring the movie’s infamous villains

You’d probably ber familiar with K-Swiss: this brand is best known for its triple-white Classic 2000 sneaker. Those who have been active in the sneaker scene in the 2000s know that this model is a staple shoe for most outfits.

While we haven’t heard that much from K-Swiss, the brand is making waves with a Ghostbusters collaboration. The collection is an exclusive release at Case Study, and both pairs are really unique.

The Classic 2000 gets an Ectoplasm Green translucent PVC upper, along with a translucent, glow-in-the-dark cup sole of the same color to represent Slimer. The insoles sport Slimer’s infamous pink tongue.

On the other hand, the Si-18 International is dressed in white, red, and blue to match the colors of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. You get an image of the infamous villain on the tongue. The GB-84 embroidery on the heel represents the year Ghostbusters debuted in theaters.

The “Slimer” Classic 2000 is priced at Php 6,998 while the “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man” Si-18 is priced at Php 8,998.

*Thank you to Iconic MNL for the tip on this drop!

Duey Guison

Duey Guison

While he is a tech writer, sneakers is his main passion.