Let’s take the mystery box craze to a whole new level

Mystery boxes are very interesting: aside from the thrill of being surprised with what you get, mystery boxes offer great value for money. In most cases, the overall value of the items inside every mystery box is more affordable than purchasing the items individually.

Since we have seen Php 10k, Php 20k, Php 50k, and even Php 100k, we take things to a whole new level with an epic Php 1 million mystery box unboxing. The box contained so many gadgets, Team Unbox and Carlo had to ask help from Mary Bautista and Alodia Gosiengfiao to make the unboxing experience efficient and fun. Enjoy watching the video below:

Some things to remember, by the way:

-The items we get from these mystery boxes are usually sold to recover what we spent so we can keep producing mystery box videos.

-All of the revenue earned from ads with this video will be donated to a feeding program for charity

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