Which performance Boost sneaker is for you?

adidas has expanded its Boost-equipped offering ever since it officially unveiled the tech with the Energy Boost in 2012. While it is arguably the most comfortable cushioning tech in recent memory, there are many Boost variations that offer different levels of comfort and cushioning—especially with the Performance line.

How does the AlphaBoost, UltraBoost, UltraBoost 19, PureBoost, PulseBoost HD, and Solar Boost differ from one another? Here’s a video to guide you towards your next Boost-equipped purchase:

Here’s a quick summary (based on previous reviews and initial impressions):

AlphaBoost: for gym workouts and speed training in the gym

UltraBoost 19: a refined version of the UltraBoost, more all-around for both running and working out

Pulse Boost HD: more performance-oriented with a denser Boost midsole, giving it a firmer ride

UltraBoost: more for lifestyle, but still geared for running

SolarBoost 19: an updated version of the SolarBoost with a more breathable upper for running in humid conditions



Duey Guison

Duey Guison

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