Do the small changes matter?

adidas is not slowing down when it comes to Yeezy drops. However, these drops tend to sound redundant, especially when the colorways look almost the same with one another—one example being the Utility Black and Vanta Yeezy Boost 700s.

We’re not sure if adidas is running out of colorway ideas for the Yeezys, but we’re surprised to hear reports that the Inertia Yeezy 700 is coming back—in V2 form.

While the color blocking and midsole design look similar, the upcoming Inertia will use a sportier and minimalist V2 upper. This also means that the upcoming V2 version will have a mesh tongue as well—while keeping the same color blocking.

Slated for a September release, is the V2 Inertia better than the V1?

Duey Guison

Duey Guison

While he is a tech writer, sneakers is his main passion.