Which is the better React Element sneaker?

The React Element 87 is one of the most hyped sneakers from Nike for this year. They recently dropped the Blue/Orange colorway last week, and it sold out instantly—just like the other colorways that were sold abroad. Prior to the local React Element 87 drop, Nike brought its more affordable sibling—the React Element 55—to our shores, and it was easier to cop since a lot of stores carried it (not to mention that Athlete’s Foot did a restock on the Black/White colorway).

Having both pairs in hand, I have been alternating between the React Element 55 and React Element 87 as my go-to sneakers. Honestly speaking, there is barely any difference between the two save for the React Element 87’s translucent upper and cork insole, and the React Element 55’s snug fit (I have both pairs at size 10.5, and the React Element 55 feels tighter than the React Element 87). The React Element 87’s cork insole added some firmness to the React foam midsole, making marginally more comfortable than the React Element 55 (I barely noticed the difference until I used them for prolonged walks, ie. at least 10,000 steps).

While the React Element 87 is more comfortable than the React Element 55 because of the cork insole, it is a bit hard to wear the React Element 87 because of its translucent upper. You need to think about what socks you are wearing with the React Element 87—something you do not worry about the React Element 55—because your sock game can be a make-or-break deal with how you wear the React Element 87.

Not to mention, the availability of the React Element 87 is not as wide as the React Element 55. The latter can be easily purchased at any Nike store in Metro Manila, while you will have to resort to resellers with the former (unless you were lucky to purchase the pair at Commonwealth and Sole Academy last week).

To sum it up: The React Element 87 is more premium, but the React Element 55 is the more practical choice between the two.

For additional insights, check out Carlo’s comparo video below:


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