They have Be@rbricks in store!

Random strolls around the Metro can be exciting at times: you’ll never know what you will come across. While strolling around the streets of Katipunan, I chanced upon this new mall called The Pop Up. Located at the corner of Xavierville Avenue and Katipunan Avenue, this sprawling property houses various restos and stores, and one of them caught my attention. That store is streetwear shop Collab.

This bright and wide spot inside the Pop Up takes inspiration from some of the streetwear shops I’ve seen in Tokyo. Their concept involves “scientific experiments”, which explains the presence of various laboratory props—microscopes, notebooks, test tubes, you name it.

Inside the store are various apparel from underground streetwear brands. Familiar ones like Wood Wood and XLarge are available in the store, and some unique names like SJYP and Axel Arigato are definitely worth looking at.

Streetwear apparel aside, what makes this store stand out is that they sell Be@rbricks. For those not aware, Be@rbricks are collectible toys in the streetwear scene. Locally, Bigboy Cheng and Julius Babao are known collectors of these pieces.

Looking for Be@rbricks? This store has them!

So if you are looking for some unique streetwear (aside from the hyped brands of course), you should give Collab a visit.


Duey Guison

Duey Guison

While he is a tech writer, sneakers is his main passion.