Released more than a week than the rest of the world, we spotted a new colorway of the VaporMax Moc 2 – the laceless version of the updated Nike divisive running shoe, the VaporMax.

The official name of the colorway is VaporMax Moc 2 Sail/ Anthracite-Sand-Wheat – it’s a mouthful hence we’re just calling it ‘Sail’ for now. We first saw this drop at Commonwealth Greenbelt 5 sometime early last week. We got to try it out ourselves around the 4th of April and thought of copping on that night. We ended up with something else, but then curiosity got the best of us and we started looking at any info about the colorway on the net.

We found nothing.

Nada. Ziltch. Zip.

No one was talking about it and nothing can be found on the official sites at the time, hence….we ended up coping one naturally. We even did a quick first-look video about it.

Now that we were able to get one, try it out a few times and observed it up close, here’s a more thorough review.


The VaporMax is divisive enough with probably half of the sneakerhead population liking the shoe and the other half hating the odd sole design. This is my first VaporMax ever and while I had reservations about the shoe before, the colorway just drew me in. It’s definitely not the easiest of color combinations to pull-off, what with a healthy dose of translucent salmon pink running through the entire Air™ midsole, and an off-white-almost-beige upper, not to mention the dark wheat and blue heel cups. Still this odd 4-color combination sneaker works like a charm. Making it look ridiculously fresh and superbly summer-ready.

Diving deep into the colors, the Flyknit upper offers a sandy-beach-like quality to the whole shoe. The mixture of pale sail and sand along with subtle change in hue from the hyperfuse that’s running around the toe box creates varying texture that offers a fresh natural beach-like look not seen from previous models. Then there’s the blue half of the heel cup.

Anthracite is probably not the word that I would describe any part of the colorway in Sail. I can’t find anything that’s dark or black or dark grey or looks charcoal enough to warrant the usage of Anthracite. That is, unless, I somehow fuse both the blue heel cup and the translucent mid sole. You see when you burn anthracite, which is a really hard coal, it produces blue flame on top of hot burning red embers which is the only possible explanation I can think of.

Since there are no more laces, the words MAX and AIR run along the arc of the shoe all the way up to the tongue where we’re greeted with a stitched logo of the VaporMax.



The very obvious design difference between the VaporMax Moc 2 and the VaporMax 2 would be the absence of the laces right across the body of the shoe. In its stead, it is replaced by elastic gore straps/ bands that pulls the Flyknit down to your feet to ensure a nice snug fit. Majority of the changes from previous VaporMaxes would be the reduction of the hyperfused overlay – whereas it used to run throughout the entire lateral side on the v1.0, on the v2.0 it stops just short of mid-foot. This gives your feet more room and flexibility – or at least that’s what’s it supposed to do.

The midsole Air units near the toe box allegedly opens slightly more than the original VaporMax to help give people with wider feet a bit more breathing room. I will say, though,  that whatever adjustments they made on the V2’s they did not make enough of. As with the previous VaporMax, the Moc 2 still runs a wee bit narrow and for a guy with wide feet, going true to size (TTS) is not as comfortable as I’d want it to be. Sure the length fits just right and everything is nice and snug, the problem on my feet is that the elastic band doesn’t give my feet any room to breathe. I had to go 0.5 up to make it fit comfortably and lessen foot fatigue.


Priced at Php 9895.00, the VaporMax is not a cheap purchase so there are a lot of things to factor out before deciding to get yourself one, however, it does make for a really interesting shoe in your collection — especially a colorway as summery fresh as this one!

As of this writing, the VaporMax Moc 2 ‘Sail’ is still available in Commonwealth Greenbelt 5 and drops in the US and by tomorrow, April 13.


Colin Chan

Colin Chan

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