What’s the Difference Between the Two?

After getting to used to both Bounce and Boost-equipped adidas sneakers, it’s time to do a deeper comparison between the two cushioning techs. In this post we’ll do a rundown of the pros of cons of each. It’s not to determine which is better because they come at different price points.

#TeamBounce: All Around, Affordable

Bounce-equipped sneakers are much more affordable vs the UltraBOOST models (at least by half). However it doesn’t mean that it’s incredibly worse compared to BOOST. The main difference is that Bounce technology is firmer and heavier than BOOST. On the pro side, Bouncactually gives your stride and heel strikes more stability. This is the reason why shoes like the AlphaBounce Beyond is recommended as cross training shoes. It also works well as running trainers-but ultimately that’s the area where the UltraBOOST shoes shine the brightest.

On the negative side, there’s a noticeable lack of ankle support for running. You won’t feel it if you’re just doing quick sprints. However, if you’re going to do 5K runs it might become an issue (not as comfortable with trainers with better ankle support).


#TeamBoost: Best in Class for Running and Comfort

BOOST technology uses chemically bonded TPU capsules that deliver better energy feedback and cushioning. This makes BOOST-equipped trainers incredibly comfortable, especially when you add adidas’ Primeknit for the upper.

However, take note that not all BOOST trainers are equal. More affordable options like the NMDs have thin BOOST midsoles and don’t offer the same comfort, stability, and cushioning as the more expensive UltraBOOSTs. When it comes to running, the various models of UltraBOOST and Energy BOOST are your best bet. If you want just superior comfort, you might want to check out the EQT Mid BOOST models.

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So what are the cons for BOOST shoes? Well, to be frank, it’s the price. UltraBOOST trainers sell for at least Php9,000, and Energy BOOST runners run for at least Php8,000. The Laceless variants of the UltraBOOST go up to Php11,000. While it is truly best-in-class, it can also leave a burning hole in your wallet.

Which One Should You Get?

Ultimately it depends on what you need the trainers for. The AlphaBounce is a fantastic alternative, especially if you’re into cross training. However, if you’re going into hardcore running or you want to invest in ridiculously comfortable trainers, you might want to save up for a pair of UltraBOOSTs.

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