When I first did my initial review of the Nike Epic React Flyknit, my main concern was the durability of the outsole. I called this out during the Day 1 review when I mentioned that the outsole looked like it took a beating after just a day of heavy use. However, a few readers and viewers of my YouTube channel asked me to take a look at a fresh pair and compared it to my used one.

Here’s a photo of the outsole of the Nike Epic React Flyknit on display at the Nike Park BGC branch:

The brand new outsole really does have faded edges.

While there is definitely still some “wear and tear” in the pair I’ve been using, it’s not that bad when you compare it to the display pair. The edges are naturally smoothened out and the ridges are more pronounced at the top, middle and lower part of the outsole.

More on this and other thoughts on the vlog that I quickly put together about this issue below:

So what’s my recommendation? If you’re really hesitant of buying because of the outsole durability, you can just wait it out for more reviews. However I honestly believe that it will last because it’s hard to imagine how Nike would miss an obviously glaring “issue” like this one.

As for me, I’ll release another update in few more days after giving my pair more abuse at the gym. You can expect that in a few days!