If you’re one of the unlucky ones that weren’t able to cop any of the coveted NBHD x Adidas 4-Pack last Friday from Copdate, then today is the day you pray to the sneaker gods for divine intercession that they may let a couple of stray unclaimed sneakers come your way.

Rumor in the grape vine is that there are about 30 or so unclaimed — which means a whole plenty for people later. And while we’re pretty sure the NMDs are all but gone, we can still hope for a chance to cop the 3 equally superbly designed shoes namely the NBHD Iniki Boost, the NBHD Gazelle Super and the NBHD Chopshop — a frakensneaker mix of campus a thick boost sole. Hooray!

But even if you can’t line up early ( you have an hour before Commonwealth Greenbelt 5 opens, folks) to see if you can get your hands on some of these super hyped sneaks, you can still opt to check the equally hyped apparels out. Pretty much like what we did yesterday!







No shoes, no problem. Rep the NBHD brand like its no one’s business with any of these lovely outfits. Of course, not all apparels are made alike and we here will try to tell you which pieces are worth getting more than the others.

On top of our list, and probably the apparel you want to make a bee-line for is the NBHD Sweater. Clothe yourself fully in this warm yet breathable black pull-over with NBHD branding, text and symbols running across the chest, towards the rear torso and through the elbows. And while the text and symbols may seem a tad-bit too overwhelming, there is enough negative space to keep all the elements afloat and create a cohesive visual harmony throughout the design. The print is rubberized as well — which adds a more premium touch to the entire outfit. This one is at Php 7,900.



Okay, okay, i get it, it’s pricey but if you compare that to the rest of the collection, this is actually the most sulit. 👌 As an outerwear, you do not really need to keep throwing this in the laundry bin (unless you actually use this as intended — which means in exercise and other more physical endeavors).


The shorts and sweatpants are both Php 7,900 respectively as well. While overall details are interesting ,  it doesn’t quite shout the design as loud as much as the sweater does. You’re spending close to 8-grand, might as well make it count, ye?


The most expensive piece in the collection that they brought here would be the customized stadium jacket for Php 13,200. While the usability of the jacket far outweighs the sweater, you are still coughing up a sizeable chunk as this cozy insulated jacket costs Php 13, 200.

Stadium Jacket Front and Back

Then there’s the sports jersey for Php 4,200 and a cotton t-shirt for Php 3,100. The last one, i feel, is the real rip-off. The tshirt material is not entirely excellent and the print is simple textile paint, silk screen printing. The quality for every other apparel is superb which makes the shirt really… questionable (as if included for those who just want to get a piece of the brand for way waaaay less).


Regardless if you can get a pair of the NBHD sneaks, the apparels is worth a visit to Commonwealth.

Just trying the sweater out

Colin Chan

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