Recently, Robert Yatco, Managing Editor at, and I went to Taiwan for the recently concluded Taipei Game Show. I’m not new to covering extensively exhausting media conventions as Ungeek has been doing that for the past 2 years and in most coverage, wearing the appropriate footwear helps – A LOT. In previous out-of-country trips, I’d bring with me a pair of trusty Cole Haan Lunargrands as the lightweight EVA soles offer enough support and comfort to last a day of tedious walking. That’s until I started wearing the Adidas EQT.

Despite the weather report of intermittent rains, I decided to bring with me my then-recently purchased Chinese New Year EQT Adv Support which I got from Capital_PH, Glorietta. I brought my trusty calf-hair Cole Haan Lunargrand for good measure, though – but I made sure to triple coat both shoe with Crep Protect. You know, for waterproofing reasons. :p

Day 1: Calm Before the Storm

Day 1 ended with absolutely zero concern. There were patches of rain but the droplets were small enough that they easily bounced off my EQTs. So far so good, shoe looks pristine despite lugging around luggage and equipment from the Airport to Taipei 101 and checking the neighborhood before the business day of the Taipei Game Show.

Day 2: Still Going Strong

Clouds were a bit threatening during Day 2 but luckily we didn’t experience any rain that day. Whew. Dodged a bullet there and got to spend the day going around the convention floor before opening the venue to the public the next day. Most of the booths were still being set up and the carpet wasn’t even laid yet exposing my EQT to all sorts of dust and muck. Still, Day 2 ended with the shoe looking fresh out of the box with very little dirt or smudge on the outsole. We ended the day in Taipei 101 where a quick check into their huuuge Adidas store got my EQT all sorts of stares. What sayeth though, Taiwan? 😀

Day 3: D Day!

The first public launch of the game show where we had to wade through close to 80,000 people storming through the convention hall. It. Was. Mayhem. It also started to rain that day and despite my best judgement of switching to the Lunargrands, I decided to brave it and wear the EQT nonetheless.

Because of the cross-knit upper, despite Crep Protect’s best effort, I did start to feel a few damp spots but not enough for me to warrant a change of footwear. Seriously, that 3 layer of Crep is doing a great job with keeping most water droplets out of the shoe’s upper. And despite squeezing through a sea of anxious gamers all day long, the EQT only sustained a few dark smudges around the outsole. Something easily fixed by wiping a damp cloth or tissue paper over it. Easy-peasy.

Day 4: When It Rains, It’s Four!

Today is the day when Taiwan decided enough is enough and pretty much rained the entire day—and night. Internal monologue went something like “Well, your shoe survived 3 days of damp and cramped environment, I’m sure we can survive this as well.” NOPE.

While majority of the shoe remained dry, water started seeping in as I crossed a couple of shallow puddles walking towards the convention center. The tip of my sock started getting really damp. I guess even 3 layers of Crep protect couldn’t keep the EQT clean. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

By lunch time, I decided to change quickly to my Lunargrands and that’s when the strangest thing happened: I couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes. I felt, for the first time, the strain of 4 days of event coverage. I changed to a thinner socks, thinking that maybe the sneaker socks that I’m using (Uniqlo) was the culprit. Nope. My feet, apparently had adjusted so much to the superb cushioning and support of EQT that walking with Lunarlon soles felt like I was walking with hard leather soles. Because of the continuous rain, I had to grin and bear the pain for the entire day.

I left my EQT to dry back at the AirBnb and hoped to God the weather improve the next day.

Day 5: Here Comes The Sun (and It’s Alright)

Last day of the Taipei Game Show and after a last round of video and image pickups, I gathered all my things, and made way back to the long train ride to Toayuan Airport, happily with my EQT again.


Final Verdict

The CNY EQT is a superb footwear offering amazing support and comfort. I dare say that the EQT feels more comfortable than the Adidas CNY NMD despite the NMD having a boost sole. The insoles of the EQT coupled with the Torsion system ensured that each stride gave my feet enough cushion and bounce to lessen whatever strain it could feel. I will advise against wearing this while walking through heavy rains as the cross-knit upper offer very little water protection no matter how many water-proofing coats you put. 🙁 Still despite that, the EQT simply made this supposed grueling coverage a lot more convenient. I got to go around the convention center, Taipei 101, Shi Lin Night Market, the Underground Mall and a couple of other notable areas around Taipei with ease and minimum foot strain. Thanks, EQT for saving my feet from dying! Till the next con!

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Colin Chan

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