For the sneakerheads, particularly the Jordan fans out there, the Air Jordan 3 is always ranked as one of the most sought-after silhouettes from the Jordan Brand line. The shoe was released back in 1988, yet it has attained iconic status even 30 years later.

I myself is a fan of this particular shoe (aside from the Air Jordan 4, 1, 6, and 7), and when you go back to history, the Air Jordan 3 has a major significance to the sneakerhead culture. Let me explain a few things at what makes it special:


It was the shoe that SAVED the Air Jordan line

Frankly speaking, if it was not for Tinker Hatfield, the Air Jordan line would have ended with the Air Jordan 2 in 1986. Prior to the Air Jordan 3, Michael Jordan’s contract with Nike was about to end, and the Swoosh was struggling with its sales. To make things worse, some of its key marketing officials resigned back in 1987. It took a young Hatfield–who was fresh from designing the Air Max 1–to create Jordan’s third signature sneaker, and the Air Jordan line continued to live on ever since.


The Jumpman logo was first seen here

As part of saving the Air Jordan line, Hatfield also conceptualized a new logo for the line. The logo took inspiration from Jordan dunking the ball, with his legs split outward and his hand reaching for the rim. Hatfield came across the sketch from Nike’s office, and refined it to make it one of the most iconic logos in sneaker culture.


Wild designs? This shoe started it

Camo prints? Psychedelic designs? Loud prints? Well, the Air Jordan 3 started the trend with the use of elephant print to go alongside with an exposed air bubble (which was considered a wild design in the late 1980s). The elephant print definitely made the sneaker cool, especially when it was paired with a tumbled leather upper for better contrast of materials.


Michael Jordan won his first All-Game MVP with it

Aside from winning the dunk contest with his free throw line dunk in 1988, Jordan was a beast during the All-Star game. He made 40 points for Team East, which ended in a 138-133 win and Jordan receiving his first All-Star Game MVP. Check out the highlight reel in the video below:



The upcoming “Black Cement” Air Jordan 3 brings back its original design

The Air Jordan 3 was released in countless variations for the past 30 years. However, the most-sought after colorways would be the “Black Cement” and “White Cement”, as both models have been prominently used by Jordan during the 1987-1988 NBA season.

The “Black Cement” is re-releasing this year for the fifth time, and this one is a bit special: For the first time since its 2001 retro release, the 2018 release will bring back the “Nike Air” logos on the heel, insole, and outsole, paying homage to the original 1988 design. In addition, the 2018 release is said to be designed close to the OGs. I personally have the OG “True Blue” from 2016, and if that’s my basis of “remastered Jordans”, the upcoming “Black Cement” should have the same quality (or even better).

Don’t forget to save the date: The “Black Cement” Air Jordan 3 OG will be dropping on February 17, with a price of $200 (~Php 10.2k).

Duey Guison

Duey Guison

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