It’s more innovative than Boost

Top adidas leakster Yeezy Mafia revealed that the first Futurecraft 4D shoe, dressed in black and green, will be available this month. Before you would go rapping that the Futurecraft 4D looks like an Ultra Boost with a different midsole, let’s talk about why Futurecraft is a major innovation when it comes to sneakers.

Back in 2016, when adidas unveiled the first sneaker with a 3D-printed midsole with the Futurecraft 3D, the idea of 3D printing things was still at its infancy.

The Futurecraft 3D.

It was a cool idea to create a shoe using 3D printers, and it resulted in unlimited possibilities: More customization options and more streamlined production process among few things. While the thought of having a really hollow midsole might make people ask about its durability, those who have tried it are surprised at the durability and flexibility of these 3D-printed midsoles.

As much as how cool they were, getting your hands on one was pretty challenging: Aside from a high SRP of $333 (~Php 16.6k), the Futurecraft 3D was only released in adidas flagship stores in New York, London, and Tokyo in limited quantities. My educated guess is that the Futurecraft 3Ds were way more scarce than practically any adidas Yeezy release out there: according to rumors, there were only 300 all-black Futurecraft 3Ds released, while only 100 all-white Futurecraft 3Ds were sold to the public.

So given the cutting-edge innovation seen with the Futurecraft 3D, what can adidas do to become more innovative with the Futurecraft 4D? Aside from a more refined printing process, the Futurecraft 4D has a more intricate grid, resulting in increased flexibility in designing for the desired cushioning (based on the user) compared to the Futurecraft 3D. adidas describes it as “being crafted with light and oxygen“; we think of it as a better (and much-improved) approach in creating shoes that best suit our feet.

Yes, there’s a black/pink Futurecraft 4D coming, but we don’t have details yet on when they are releasing.

Now that adidas has figured how to mass produce them (they expect to manufacture over 100,000 pairs of Futurecraft 4Ds by the end of 2018), a wider release comes to mind. With the Core Black / Ash Green expected to release on January 18 (with a rumored production of 3000 pairs), we just hope that they could at least make it to our shores, unlike the Futurecraft 3D. We also hope that they could be cheaper than the initial SRP of Futurecraft 3Ds: Maybe a $250 (~Php 12.5k) price point would be fair enough for such a futuristic sneaker.

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Duey Guison

Duey Guison

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