Perhaps one of the more controversial (or at the very least talked about) release from the house of Amouage this year is Beach Hut. A supposedly summer fragrance that has a distinctly interesting packaging – and somewhat commercial name—for a niche brand.

Coming from the Midnight Flower Collection of Amouage , a distinct line that many have claimed shifted from Amouage’s more traditional Oriental-heavy scents, Beach Hut continues the series with a more mass-appealing composition – yet still remains the signature Amouage complexity…if you give it the time of day.

Amouage Beach Hut approaches the name and beach-scent from a totally different angle. While most people may associate the idea of a beach-scent with heavy marine, salt or even a bombardment of citrus cocktails, Amouage does so by infusing the scent with mint. A LOT OF MINT.

In fact, the mint accord used for Beach Hut is so overwhelmingly strong that I reeled from it the first few times I sprayed it on. There’s a synthetic/commercial accord on the mint note that was used for Beach Hut which may give off a toothpaste vibe. However, after the 5-10 minute, mark the strength dissipates and you’re treated to an amalgamation of mossy, somewhat rooty and sweet green scent. If I could sum up Amouage Beach Hut in one word it would be: Green.

According to the official site, the notes playing around Beach Hut include top notes of mint, orange blossom and galbanum; middle notes are vetiver, moss and ivy; base notes are myrrh, patchouli and woody notes. See? None of the usual “beach”/ “by-the-sea” notes (marine, salt, citrus, coconut, lime, etc.) that you may find in other fragrance houses.

Still, regardless of the notes listed, Beach Hut does emit a somewhat salty vibe towards the end of the fragrance lifecycle. And this, I believe, is the magic of Amouage. While the scent opens with a somewhat commercial (read: ‘generic’) mint vibe akin to Mugler’s KryptoMint, Amouage rounds everything off to still create a multi-layered, multi-textured work of art.

And while the fragrance does host a lot of mint, it actually does remind me of the beach. More particularly, it reminded me of my various visits to El Nido. Maybe it’s the welcome mix drink that’s filled with a lot of mint and dalandan or the faint salty vibe mixed with mint, sweetness of orange blossoms and wood remind me of entering the rooms at Lagen or Apulit. But whatever it is, it does give off a tropical vibe which, judging from the notes list, shouldn’t work! That alone The box art helps drive the message across even further.


The packaging opens the same way as the other Midnight Flower Collection. While Sunshine and Bracken employs a slightly glossy carton, Beach Hut’s box texture is bone dry creating the impression of beached wooden planks.

The bottle still follows the typical Midnight Flower Collection men’s bottle with the white glossy cap adorned with a single citrine Swarovski crystal and the usual gold-plated hardware. Giving the bottle its carefree attribute is a  print of a crudely illustrated Beach hut in gold.

How’s the performance? I get around 6-8 hours of Beach Hut and the projection is pretty beastly! If Bracken Man had some performance issues (not really lasting as long as other Amouage fragrances), Beach Hut is the complete opposite. In fact, performance-wise, at least, I am reminded of Sunshine Man with Beach Hut. Neither scents are clean and crisp (a huge contrast to Bracken), both are thick and sometimes may be a bit overbearing (given the names that they represent: Sunshine and Beach Hut). So, go easy on the sprayer.

Overall, I’m actually happy with the direction the Midnight Flower Collection is undertaking. While it helps introduce a traditionally Middle Eastern house to a wider market, the scent composition, packaging and overall brand feel retains the complexity and exuberance from the famed niche fragrance brand.

If you’re looking for a pair of easy-to-wear and unique-smelling beach-vibe fragrance, Beach Hut would be right up your alley! I would even, dare say, that Beach Hut could be an excellent signature scent especially in a tropical country like ours! Beach Hut is now currently available at any Art of Scent and Amouage official retailers nationwide for Php 16,400.



Colin Chan

Colin Chan

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