It’s the second attempt since the Air Force 1 Collab.

Video games and sneakers have something in common: They are part of pop culture and collaborations do happen, just like when Nike did a limited run of its Playstation-themed Air Force 1s back in 2006, with a rerun in 2009.

The 2009 versions are rumored to be only 50 pairs in existence, while there were 150 pairs of the original 2006 version.

Fast forward to 2018, and Nike is at it again with Playstation-themed sneakers. This time, it is with the PG2 basketball shoe.

Yes, the logos do light up!

In case you do not know, the PG2 is the second signature sneaker of Oklahoma City Thunder Guard Paul George, and the collaboration actually has meaning. According to Nike, it was George who wanted a videogame-inspired motif for his signature sneaker to represent his love for the Sony Playstation when he is not busy dominating inside the court.

“As soon as I discovered PlayStation, I was throwing hints here and there to my dad — cutting out the clipping of a video game, cutting out the clippings of the PlayStation, leaving it on his dresser. I remember on Christmas morning, I unwrapped my gift and sure enough, it was the PS2. I’ve been a PlayStation guy ever since,” George said in an interview.

The Playstation PG2 is dressed in classic Playstation colors, and come with illuminating Paul George and Playstation logos on the tongue. What makes these particular PG2s cool is that there’s a button inside the shoe to activate the illumination of the logos, with a pulse mimicking a DualShock controller. The self-contained batteries powering the illuminated logos last for around 150 hours, so you better be mindful if you want to show them off to your friends.

Other features for the Playstation PG2 include a galaxy-inspired midsole, a glow-in-the-dark blue outsole, a patent leather with Playstation detailing, and galactic-themed insoles. Check out more photos of the Playstation PG2 below:

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They will be available in a limited release on February 10. We will keep you updated if they make it to the Philippines.

Duey Guison

Duey Guison

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