The collaboration between Dragon Ball Z and adidas is turning out to be one of the most hyped series of kicks this year. It’s not surprising since majority of the generation that are into sneakers these days grew up watching Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and the rest of the Dragon Ball Z characters in action. There’s a deep sense of nostalgia and this is what’s driving the interest for this collab.

If you’ve been following this story for the last few weeks, you would know by now that there are 7 shoes in this collection. Based on the leaks online, here are the 7 collab shoes and their respective release dates.

August 2018
ZX 500 RM “Goku”
Yung-1 “Frieza”

September 2018
Deerupt “Gohan”
Prophere “Cell”

November 2018
Ultra Tech “Vegeta”
Kamanda “Majin Buu”

December 2018
EQT MID ADV “Shenlong”

The release strategy pairs heroes with villains in milestone moments of the Dragon Ball Z storyline. There’s Goku and Frieza where we saw Goku first become a Super Saiyan. There’s Gohan vs Cell where we discovered Super Saiyan 2. Lastly there’s the legendary battle between Vegeta and Majin Buu where the Prince of Saiyans sacrificed himself. Yeezy Mafia, the source of the leaks, also revealed that each shoe will come with an action figure.

Stay tuned for more news about this as it develops in the coming months ahead.