Before the year ended I knew I had to cop at least a piece from the limited-run JUICE x Footpatrol Adidas Consortium release. I saw this way back last October and didn’t really act upon when it first landed in the local retailers since the news of the now-super sold out Invincible X Neighborhood x NMD R1 came out about the same time. I was holding on to the possibility of coping that bad boy but still had my eyes set on these as well since I’m a sucker for anything that touches up on my Chinese ancestry and embroidery art on fashion items – especially on shoes!

IMG: Adidas/ Hypebeast

So, when I missed out on those lovely NMD with the Tiger icon and the luck character exquisitely placed at the back of the shoes, I set my sights on a relatively cheaper (and not as sold out) option.

Matchcourt Mid in Black and Handball Top in Blue

Bear in mind that I got extremely lucky to cop the two pairs released by Juice and Footpatrol on the last day of the year since this collection has been out for about more than a couple of weeks to a month at the time. In fact, I was lucky enough to cop probably the last of 2 pairs left at Commonwealth SM Aura of the Matchcourt Mid release in a US 9.5 size! Not sure if it’s still there, though, but if it is, and you have the same foot size, I advise you head towards that store RIGHT. NOW.

If not, well, you can still settle for the Royal Blue Handball Top sneakers that have these intricate Tudor Rose embroidery at the tongue and a subtle yellow dragon claw acrylic at the back. It’s not as loud as the Matchcourt ones as that had a huge embroidery pattern of a dragon and lion as well as the words Hong Kong and London on either side of the shoe.

The Matchcourt Mid comes with TWO (2) extra laces in white and cream

This Adidas Consortium is supposed to depict the relationship between the two countries (fast fact: Hong Kong once belonged to the United Kingdom until its turnover to China on July 1, 1997). And it does so beautifully by incorporating iconic landmark souvenir imagery towards the shoes. In both sets you can see intricately laden embroidery of the Tudor Rose, Lion, and Chinese Dragon. The Matchcourt Mid is a bit more ostentatious with the design but it still doesn’t overpower the silhouette. If you’re more conservative with your sneaker game, the Handball Top offers creative play without being too flashy.

The Handball Top is made with a Royal Blue Suede upper while the Matchcourt Mid is wrapped in classic sneaker canvas. I did wish they went with a sturdier matte black leather, though, just to mirror the soft and hard design dichotomy happening between the two shoes. Plus, a leather upper would justify the Php 8,000 price point for a mid-cut sneaker despite the intricate embroidery.

The Handball Top comes with an extra blue shoelace with gold tips

Fit-wise, the Matchcourt Mid fits as is. The 9.5 snugs my wide foot properly and without much problems. It’s the blue Handball Top that actually gave me some fitting problems. The US 9.5 is a bit too tight while a US 10 becomes too large. The solution? A Php 100 in-sole bought at SM Department store (I’ll try to experiment with thicker socks too and remove the insole but so far, the added insole did the trick).  Easy-peasy.

All in all the JUICE x Footpatrol Adidas Consortium collection is a very interesting pair to own. Most people might be averse in getting them because of the ‘loud’ design but it’s actually pretty easy to wear these two. If your footwear is design-heavy already, make sure that you pair it with jeans and shirt that are more plain-looking and preferably without prints. Let the shoe shine and watch people just give you compliments. Overall, enjoy the feel and if the design resonates with you, cop it!

Adidas Consortium JUICE x Footpatrol is available in Commonwealth for Php 8,000 a pair.



  • Excellent Embroidery and workmanship
  • Excellent material used especially for the Handball Top sneakers.


  • Silhouette doesn’t offer the best foot comfort
  • Sizing is a little off (for me at least) especially for the Handball Top Sneakers
  • Price is still a bit too steep considering for Php 8,000 you could get yourself an NMD or an Ultraboost or something that offers better cushion to the feet.

Colin Chan

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