Favorite Sneakers for the Office

I usually wear hard bottom dress shoes to work. I have a pretty good collection of double monks, single monks, oxfords, and cap toes, and wingtips in different colors. However I needed to change things up because my job suddenly had me moving between two buildings across Makati regularly. This led me to researching and trying out different kinds of sneakers for corporate life. Over the last few months I’ve narrowed it down to three favorite pairs.

Before we get to the shoes let me quickly go through the thinking. Here are the 5 fundamental principles behind the selection.

  • No white soles. I wanted the shoes to blend in the over-all outfit and not pop. White soles usually communicate a laid back and casual look. I try to avoid that unless it’s a Friday.
  • Single color. Should always be seamless with the outfit.
  • No crazy designs. Same reason above.
  • No chunky midsoles. Same reason above.
  • Only when wearing jeans. If it’s a full suit (coat with slacks), the default is to wear dress shoes. No sneakers when wearing a full suit. Will only wear sneakers with a jacket/coat when I wear jeans.

Take note that I am not a fashion expert, hehe. This is all based on logic and a lot of conversations with the wifey. I’m sure you guys have your own sense of style and I’m just sharing mine.

If you’re lazy to read and want to watch the content, I made a video about this exact topic and you can just hit the play button. Make sure you watch ’till the end since I also talk about a giveaway.

If you want to read though, keep going.

Let’s get to the shoes.

Cole Haan ZeroGrands

One of my favorite Cole Haan shoes

Before I got hooked on adidas and Nike, I was deep into Cole Haan. I just loved the brand because they offered exactly what I wanted. “Dress” shoes that offered the comfort of running shoes. The combination of the classic wingtip design and the performance midsole from Nike (they used to be owned by Nike) was just perfect.

Things started to change though with their recent designs. The new 2.ZeroGrand line-up isn’t as comfortable and the laser dot design isn’t as stylish (in my view) as the classic wingtip. If ever you guys will pick a pair up, suggest you go for the original ZeroGrands and try to get ones with monotone colors. This makes them more versatile for everyday use as they don’t grab too much attention.

adidas Stan Smith

Socks are awesome too.

Next up we have the adidas Stan Smith. The pair I have is the collab with Pharrell Williams and it’s all black. It’s subtle, comfortable, and blends in easily with black jeans, a white shirt, and a black suit jacket. Also this is not that expensive. I think I got this one for less than Php3,000.

adidas Y-3 Kozaro High

My current go-to pair

I saved the best for last. This is, by far, my favorite sneakers for the office. The adidas Y3 Kozaro High is all black, has different but stylish elements on the upper, and it has an UltraBOOST midsole. It offers the comfort that you get with UltraBOOST running shoes without screaming for attention. I was lucky to get this one at a big discount. Usually you’ll have to fork over Php20,000+ for it but I was able to pick it up for around Php13,000+ via ShoeFreak PH.

And that’s it! How about you guys? Share your thoughts about the topic in the comments section below!