The new wing over at Power Plant mall in Rockwell is already open and there are several specialty shops already operating. We went there last week to do a quick shopping crawl and we’ve rounded up this quick list of stores you have to check out when you’re there.



SIGNET is a premium menswear store that specializes in handmade shoes, tailored suits, jackets, trousers, and shirts. Their branch in Power Plant mostly offers their ready-to-wear lines ranging from dapper suits to casual wear. If you want their custom tailored offerings, you might want to visit their store in Shangrila Fort.

Nice selection of bags.


2. Commonwealth

Openning soon!

I’m super excited for this one. As you guys know by now, I’m a huge fan of Commonwealth because they bring in limited edition sneakers at retail prices to the Philippines. I always visit their shop in Greenbelt when I’m in the area. It’s just awesome to see they’re expanding and opening another store in one of my favorite malls.

3. Touch of Craft

You guys have to check this store out!

If you guys are looking for artisan crafted door stoppers, dolls, or home decorations, you have to check out Touch of Craft. Their handcrafted products are beautiful, intricate, and are all made from premium materials. My wife and I are huge fans of their work and we’ve bought several items from them already.

My most recent buy: a dragon doll that looks like it came from Final Fantasy

One of their best sellers


4. Seek the Uniq

Next we have Seek the Uniq, a shop that specializes in chic, unique, and carefully curated pieces produced in small meaningful quantities by artisans from different parts of the world. They initially started as an online store but over the years they’ve grown into reputable brand and it’s great to see them having their own retail location in Power Plant.

Wifey at Seek the Uniq

5. Koket

Imported limited edition jewelry and accessories

Last, but definitely not the least, we have Koket Fashion accessories. They specialize in limited edition accessories for men and women. They mostly have bracelets and necklaces and what’s surprising is that they’re not ridiculously expensive. If you want a unique accessory for your next night out or a gift you want to give a loved one, make sure you drop by their shop.

WIfey at Koket