Last Tuesday, I was invited to join Ford’s Southern Adventure, which involved visiting Masungi Georeserve. Like any usual trek adventures, hiking attire was highly encouraged, and that means wearing shoes meant for trails.

Initially, I wanted to wear a pair of NMDs for the trip. My friends were like “Duey, you are crazy!” or “Duey, you are going to destroy a pair of hyped shoes there!” With warnings from my friends, I decided to change my sneaker of choice. Rummaging through my pile of shoes, I decided to use this pair of Nike Roshe Runs I have purchased since 2013.

People may often see this sneaker nowadays, but back in 2013, Roshe runs were just as hyped as the NMDs for two good reasons: First, it had a simple, minimalist look, and second, it was really, really affordable (they were priced at Php 2995 back then). Early releases sold out instantly and copping a pair was not easy.

Going back, I decided to bring these “beaters” (aka the term sneaker enthusiasts use to refer to shoes as “pangharabas“) to Masungi Georeserve to see if it will survive the trail, and if it will not cause any pain to my feet.

To give you an idea of how challenging the trek is, check out these photos:

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So you got a lot of rocky and muddy trails to deal with, along with climbing through abaca ropes for some sections. Admittedly, the Roshe Runs do not have a grippy outsole, so I had to be careful with every step.

There’s barely any outsole threads on the Roshe Runs, in fact!

After around 5 hours (4 if you exclude the quick break in the middle of the trek for snacks), my feet were fine, my knees were slightly sore, and the Roshe Runs are still in one piece. Considering these are four years old, the glue holding the shoe held on very well. In fact, these fared better than the Air Jordans I purchased in 2013–at a time where the brand was facing quality issues.


Verdict: Fun choice but not a practical one

Admittedly, it was a crazy (and stupid) idea to wear such shoes for treks. However, it was not really that bad at all: They provided my feet enough comfort amidst the rough and rocky trail. Will I do it again? Maybe, as long as it is not raining cats and dogs.

Duey Guison

Duey Guison

While he is a tech writer, sneakers is his main passion.