Rising streetwear brand Odd Future can now be purchased locally! A hip-hop collective that has members like Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Frank Ocean, the brand sells a variety of merchandise, ranging from shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, socks, to button downs.

The brand is best known for its donut logo and for its psychedelic color motifs. Check out some of the merch available locally at The Nines in Uptown Mall BGC:

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As for the pricing, here’s a rough range since some items are more expensive:

  • Socks: Php 1095-1295
  • Shirts: Php 1895-2495
  • Polo shirt: Php 3495
  • Buttondown: Php 3995
  • Sweatshirt: Php 4995-5995
  • Jersey: Php 5995
  • Bucket hat: Php 2495
  • Hoodie: Php 4595

Being a fan of the Odd Future collective, along with my recent obsession for shirts, I decided to buy one for myself. Can’t wait to rock this soon enough!

A shirt with a logo that depicts both donuts and pizza? My food-loving self approves of this!

So if you are into streetwear but find the likes of Supreme and Anti Social Social Club overrated (not to mention overpriced), Odd Future’s merch is a good brand to consider.


Duey Guison

Duey Guison

While he is a tech writer, sneakers is his main passion.