What did the President Buy at Tumi in Greenbelt?

Social media went crazy last night when President Rodrigo Duterte did an unplanned stop at the Tumi store in Greenbelt 5 to buy a bag. I was curious on our President’s taste for man bags so I walked over to the Tumi store in Greenbelt and asked them politely which one he bought since I was genuinely interested in also getting one for myself (and will then call it the Duterte bag, haha). It turns out our President picked up two: the Tumi Alpha Bravo Dover Backpack and the Tumi Alpha Bravo Andersen Briefcase.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Dover Backpack Philippines

The Tumi Alpha Bravo Dover Backpack

This backpack sells for a little over Php25,000. It has multiple compartments for gadgets, peripherals, and other stuff you’d want to have with you daily. There’s also a nice padded compartment for your laptop. As with other Tumi bags, you can have your initials printed on the tag to personalize it.

Tumi Philippines

The “Premium” Tumi Leather Briefcase

The second one he picked up was the Tumi Alpha Bravo Andersen Briefcase. This is the “dream bag” of Tumi fans because it’s made from leather and not the usual ballistic nylon material. This has a lot of compartments and can fit pretty much anything and everything the President needs. It’s considerably pricey though as it sells for around Php45,000.

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And there you have it. If ever you find yourself in a Tumi store and you’re curious what bag the President rocks, ask them to show you the two bags I mentioned above.

PS: Thanks to the friendly staff of Tumi Greenbelt 5! They were super helpful and knowledgable about their products.

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