For sure we have a friend or two that is into sneakers (me and Carlo included). Finding a gift for them may be a bit tricky, so we came up with five thoughtful ones, all priced below Php 1k, for your sneakerhead friends. Check out the list below

1. Clyde shoe cleaner

Sneakerheads are pretty OC when it comes to keeping their sneakers clean, and this cleaning kit from Clyde is a must-have for them. The kit contains the essentials, which include a set of brushes, a microfiber cloth, and a cleaning solution to keep those sneakers pristine.

Price: Php 800 (via Toby’s Sports)


2. Iconic socks

Being a sneakerhead also means not wearing boring socks, so it’s a great thing to gift them a pair (or two) of these colorful socks from Iconic. They come in a variety of designs and colors, so it is all up to you to choose which pairs to gift to your sneaker-loving friends.

Price: Php 150 to Php 300 (via Iconic Socks stores)

3. Plastic shoe boxes

While it is important to properly store sneakers while not in use, sneakerheads love to have their collection seen easily as if they are art pieces. That being said, a regular shoe box is not enough for them. Which is why these sturdy clear shoe boxes are a great gift idea: aside from being able to showcase their prized footwear, these shoeboxes are also stackable as well, keeping those sneakers neatly organized at the same time.

Price: Php 899 for a set of 5 (via Lazada)

4. Uniqlo Graphic Tees

Aside from having cool socks, it is important for sneakerheads to rock statement tees as well to complete their look. From simple to eccentric graphic designs, those looking for gift suggestions can go check out Uniqlo’s UT collection: They have themed shirts like Lego, Star Wars, and even Snoopy (with a twist!). Plus, some shirts are discounted, giving you the opportunity to gift more than one shirt to that sneakerhead friend of yours.

Price: Php 290 to Php 590 (from Uniqlo)

5. Shoelaces

What’s the easiest way to customize a sneaker without spending too much? By changing the laces. Aside from being a sneaker store, Sole Academy has a line of shoelaces as well. You can choose between various color motifs, and all of Sole Academy’s shoelaces come with metal aglets–proof that these are not your average pair of laces.

Price: Php 595 (via Sole Academy)


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Duey Guison

Duey Guison

While he is a tech writer, sneakers is his main passion.