Our unboxing of the adidas UltraBOOST ST (2017)

Not All UltraBOOST are the Same

The adidas UltraBOOST ST is probably the least hyped variant in the line-up. The “ST” stands for “Stability” and adidas focused on making improvements to help deliver better performance versus style. To do this they made 3 major tweaks: it now has a full-length Boost midsole unit, a tighter Primeknit, and a slimmed-down heel cage. As an UltraBOOST fan, I was excited when I finally got a pair thanks to my lovely wife who gave one to me as a Christmas gift. I already own the UltraBOOST 4.0, UltraBOOST Uncaged, UltraBOOST Laceless, and UltraBOOST AT Mid. This was the missing piece. Let’s get to the unboxing!

Just like all the other UltraBOOSTs, the adidas UltraBOOST ST came in the typical BOOST yellow box. The tag with the product information is in the lower corner which indicates the model, colorway, and the size.

The usual UltraBOOST box

Just looking at it fresh from the box and I can already tell the difference with the other boosts. First is the lack of a plastic cage that the core UltraBOOST 4.0 model uses. We have some sort of synthetic leather in lieu of the typical cage. The PrimeKnit design is also horizontal versus the typical vertical streaks. There’s also a ribbed part with accent colors which is somewhat similar to the ribbed mid of the UltraBOOST Laceless. Lastly, there’s the full length BOOST midsole that I mentioned at the start of the article.

The most obvious giveaway that it’s an ST model is that plastic slant band at the BOOST midsole. I don’t know if it has any functional purpose but theoretically it should help with the bounce and over-all integrity of the BOOST material when you’re running or walking.

Toe box also has some sort of hard cover.

BOOST midsole goes all the way through. Love how they did black on black for the heel guard.

Digging the way they also showed the 3 stripes!

A closer look at the PrimeKnit

On Feet: Perfect for Flat Footed Folks Like Me!

What made me fall “in love” with this pair though wasn’t the design. It was all about the build. Here’s the thing: I have flat feet. The low arches of my feet makes it hard to walk or run for long distances and periods because my feet get fatigued easier (lack of an arch means the feet take beating faster). What makes my flat feet worse is that I’m an “overpronator”. My feet roll inward upon stepping which increases risk of injury even more. The full length BOOST midsole and the PrimeKnit upper was able to address all of those issues. This shoe is a heaven-sent for flatfooted folks like me and I highly recommend for you to try it if you’re the same as me. Make your way to the nearest adidas store and do your feet a favor.

We’ll put this shoe through more abuse in the coming days and will come back with a full review. If you want to sample a pair, just head over to any adidas store near you. They usually don’t sell out so most likely they will have stocks. They sell for Php9,300.

PS: Thank you to the wifey for the gift! This is actually the second UltraBOOST she gave this December! She also gave me the UltraBoost 4.0. <3 <3 <3