Penhaligon’s is a fragrance brand that’s been in business in London for over 145 years. They were established in 1870 as a hairdressing salon along Jermyn Street in Central London. William Penhaligon, the founder, created scents from finest ingredients as he was inspired by the aromas of the baths along his street. They steadily rose to prominence as they’re now one of the suppliers to the Brittish Royal Family.

Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection

Their new Portraits collection is inspired by iconic lords and ladies. The collection finally found it’s way to Manila a few months ago via Adora and Rustan’s and we’d like to share with you our review of one of their best sellers, Penhaligon’s Tragedy of Lord George.

Fragrance Review: Penhaligon’s Tragedy of Lord George

Imagine a wealthy and respected nobleman. Every morning he gets a clean close shave, puts on a freshly pressed oxford shirt, a sharp suit, and a newly shined pair of wingtips. This is a man who knows the luxuries of life and is not afraid to always be at his best any moment of the day.

That’s what the scent is all about. Penhaligon’s The Tragedy of Lord George opens beautifully with a strong boozy brandy note. After a few minutes the vanilla sweetness blends masterfully with bitter coffee brought about by the Tonka Bean note and the Amber. This creates a rich and luxurious clean aftershave soap or gel scent because of how the notes compliment one another.

On my skin the scent has decent projection and silage on the first 30 minutes. After that it begins to stay near the skin. It has enough power to let those who pass you and those who lean near you get a whiff of it. In terms of longevity it lasted around 4-5 hours on my skin so re-applications throughout the day were necessary.

It’s definitely hard to wear if you’re a young man in your early 20s but it’s a great fragrance for accomplished executives and professionals in their mid 30’s and onwards. It’s an easy daily wear that’s undemanding as it just projects a light scent bubble around the wearer. If you want a unique, luxurious, refined, and subtle fragrance, you might want to consider Penhaligon’s Tragedy of Lord George.

Apart from the scent, this is probably the nicest looking bottle of perfume ever made for men.

Penhaligon’s Tragedy of Lord George is available in Rustan’s Department Store and Adora. The 75ml bottle sells for over Php12,000 (will double check the price but it’s within this range).