Truth be told a lot of great sales happened this weekend — it’s still happening btw, so you have a few hours to shop til the day ends–but some might be a bit too good to be true. In a local fragrance group, an article circulated about 10 Holiday Gift Ideas that you can get for a Bargain when you shop at one of the biggest online shopping site in the country. The problem, item number 10 is a dead-ringer for fake goods.

That’s really the challenge when buying goods online as you’re not entirely sure if the product is 100% authentic or not. This is why more and more sites put up safe guards against these illegal goods seller by creating easy store policies for return and exchange and guarantee seals if you feel the item is unauthentic. Unfortunately, most people fail to actively catch the signs. Take the example above. On the right-hand corner it says the following:

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)


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Here’s a rule of thumb when dealing with online sites, if you want to ensure the products are authentic make sure that items are being sold by site itself. In the above-mentioned example, make sure it’s being shipped and sold by Lazada and not by a 3rd party-seller (nothing against 3rd party sellers, but it’s easier to do business with the major vendor unless your ratings are on the up and up).

If you are looking for ridiculously good perfume deals, however,  we found one over the weekend that just blew our fraghead heart (and wallets) away.

Sure, the markdown is ridiculously steep but there’s a reason for that and this is where market knowledge comes into play. While known abroad, the brand name of Shanghai Tang resonated rather weakly with the Pinoy market which was partly due to low brand awareness. That’s not to say the perfumes are sub-par. On the contrary, the line produced some of the best almost niche-quality fragrances for a fraction of the cost of a niche house release.  Secondly the brand was pulled out of Rustan/ SSI shelves a few months back. Meaning the local distributor are now disposing the items on other ready channels — like Zalora at a tremendous cost because they’re mandated to liquidate stocks.

Suffice to say, I bit the bullet and bought, um, quite a bit. :))

To allay any fears, the product does have the distribution sticker by SSI Marketing (which means the products are sourced from a local distributor). So there, Php 1755 (original price of Php 5850) for a bottle of really good juice. Personal favorites are: Jade Dragon for the green tea and vetiver combo, Orient Pearl for the patchhead in me and L’Orient if you’re looking for a suave gentleman’s perfume. This one is pure class with the mix of warm cedar and supple leather. A few tips on L’Orient, while the fragrance isn’t a projection monster, it does have decent silage — you just have to wait a bit for oils to do their thing. You won’t smell anything for the first 15 mins, after that, well, that’s when the magic happens.

If you want to dig deeper on the Shanghai Tang Silk Road Perfume Line, I wrote a feature about it when it first launched.

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Other recos: Spring Jasmine (one of the most honest interpretation of Jasmine I’ve sampled) and Rose Silk (if you want a Rose scent without it being Mama-Mary levels of floral).  



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