The Ultimate Man Bag Now Ships to the Philippines

As the title of this post says, NutSac bags are man bags that are made in America with high quality materials that ship worldwide, including the Philippines. Manufacturing is done in the US using mostly a mix of waxed canvas, metal, and leathers. They also offer lifetime warranties for their products which is a strong statement when it comes to how much they believe in their product.

They have several bags that you can pick from but for this post we’ll focus on their two core offerings: the Satchel Pro and the Sac Daddy.

Satchel Pro ($159)

Featuring a leather post and strap front closure, the Satchel Pro is the perfect bag for your 13-inch laptop, tablet, and other peripherals. It’s made from American waxed-canvas and top-grain leather and they’re hand sewn in the United States. The front flap also has magnets for easy closing and opening.

The Sac Daddy ($214)

If you have a bigger laptop, say a 15″ MacBook Pro, you can go for the NutSac. It’s like the Satchel Pro except that it has a bigger main compartment, an open back magazine pocket, a padded back panel, and a leather shoulder pad. Just like the Satchel Pro, it also has a front flap magnets and a leather strap closure.

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We’ll be placing an order this Christmas for ourselves so we can revert back to you guys with a review as well as an overview of the experience of shipping to the Philippines. To order yours, click here to go to their website.

*Please Note: Import taxes and customs are not included in this pricing. You may have to pay import duties to your local tax authority when the bag arrives.