Oud – its pungent woody aroma has had the western perfumery clamoring for more of this oriental, and exotic fragrance. Ever since Tom Ford’s introduction of this ancient oriental ingredient in his then-commercial-flop-but-n0w-super-widely-adored  M7 for YSL, the western world has been catching up with the fragrant wood that, in some instance, is worth more than gold.

It’s no wonder that English perfumery, Atkinsons, known for its delicate colognes and somewhat snobbish branding, jumped on the Oud train that proliferated western perfumery a good few years ago.


Atkinsons Oud Save the King and Queen

While traditionally been linked to religious ceremonies, Oud in the more modern setting is used to exude opulence, other-worldly sophistication and mystery. Such is the importance of the note to Atkinsons that they crafted a separate line just to highlight this majestic scent.

In their tradition of keeping things clean and pristine, Atkinsons’ oud is pleasing and pungent-free. And while most oud-fragrances draw deep inspiration from middle east, Atkinsons managed to keep it, fairly English.

Atkinsons Oud Save the King cap

Oud the Save the King opens bright and crisp, a far departure from the usual Oud-heavy fragrances out in the market. Top notes of Earl Grey Tea and Bergamot adds zest and freshness before the scent settles down in a mix of soft Suede and Orris , Sandalwood and just the tiny bit of Oud balancing everything out in the background.

Overall scent-wise, you get a lot of leather impressions from Oud Save the King. If I have to put a comparison, Oud Save the King is the suave and tamer cousin to Tom Ford’s seminal Tuscan Leather. It’s also far easier to use especially in our tropical weather. While there is a sweetness to it, it’s void of fruity berries or gourmand vanilla, avoiding the scent to be as cloying even with thicker ingredients in them (Oud, woods, leather). The leather isn’t too much in your face as well and adds to the fragrance’s supple appeal.

Atkinsons Oud Save the King Presentation

Longevity is amazing with a few sprints lasting you throughout your work day. The first few hours will give you a decent projection that’s not as intrusive as I’d expect. Don’t get me wrong, I find the scent a little bit strong despite Atkinson’s attempts at downplaying the heavy notes, but overall, it’s a scent that’s fairly easy to use especially in a corporate setting.

Because of the leather, sandalwood, orris root and oud, the scent lends itself to a slightly more mature crowd. A young executive could pull this off but he needs to be at a position where he can play ball with the top honchos of his company.

Oud Save the King is for the go-getters, the ones who have “arrived” and those who exude confidence in their every stride. It’s for people who take charge at boardrooms and can nitpick at hotel breakfast buffets; for those that understand that true luxury isn’t showing off at every turn but showing up at every given situation. In short, it’s for those who’s not afraid to reach out for the throne and who, when given the chance, can reign graciously and gloriously without being brash.

Atkinson’s Oud Save the King is available at Art of Scent for Php 11,700.00


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