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This time with probably what could be touted as the “Fight of the Century” (hehe)! Today we’re pitting the fragrance everybody loved to hate in 2015, Dior’s Sauvage, versus the “Hype King”, “the King” or simply Aventus –Creed’s modern classic scent that propelled this quiet niche brand to frenzied viral stardom.

Let's get ready to rumblee!!!!!

Let’s get ready to rumblee!!!!!

First up is Dior Sauvage, Christian Dior’s latest men’s fragrance line that launched just last year. While we wrote about Dior Sauvage in our first impressions article, we only slightly touched up on why a lot of people in the fragrance community hated it.

In our previous article, we said that Sauvage was being closely compared to Chanel’s Bleu de Chanel (BdC). In fact, a lot of people in the community call Sauvage as Dior’s attempt at creating their Bleu – that generic all-around crowd-pleaser. However, not until we had more time with Sauvage did we start to fully appreciate this citrus-marine fragrance and started considering this as part of our regular rotation.

While it still plays on the spirit of Bleu de Chanel, we felt the fragrance strongly resembles another crowd-pleaser but one that is more revered and receives a copious amount of love in the fragrance community – Creed’s infamous Aventus! Could be the reason why Sauvage was sold out during the crazed Christmas rush back in December! Wew.


Ladies and gentlemen...behold!

Ladies and gentlemen…behold! Photo (c) Felimon Labro Jr.


On the other hand we have Aventus – touted as the “king” of fragrance for its clean, fruity and powerful compliment-getting powers. The blend is luxurious but not off-putting nor too artistically nuanced that the average joe cannot appreciate. The only thing that’s stopping this from being a mass-market product is its hefty price of Php 12,800.00 in Rustan’s (the price drops to almost half in various grey markets like Criselda’s and Adams).

So without further ado let’s get into the challenge:

FF comparative Round 2


On paper, even with Aventus’ hefty price, it looks like the battle swings lopsided towards this niche house giant. While projecting a bit less than Sauvage, Aventus’ more nuanced list of notes creates a “fuller” olfactory experience than Dior’s latest line. Luxurious, clean and crisp, Aventus’ juice — if closely examined — fully outweighs that of Sauvage. However, on application, we found out that only a handful of people can properly identify the intricacies of Aventus. Most of them pick up three distinct scents —  smoky-ashy (because of birch and cedar) that interplays with sweet citrusy-fruity (because of the Pineapple and Black Currant), and is enveloped in a clean & marine-like scent (because of ambergris). If you think this sounds oddly familiar it’s because this is almost the same structure as that of Sauvage (smoky spicy – fruity citrus – marine).

In fact, something interesting happened when I wore Sauvage in public for the first time: people thought I was wearing Aventus.



During the mad Christmas shopping rush of 2015 when almost all stores are running out of Aventus, I inadvertently concocted a blind test of Sauvage. While I was going around store after store inquiring if they had any lingering stocks of Aventus left every sales associate I ask would ask me if I was wearing Aventus. The conversation goes something like this:

Me: “Hi, do you guys still have any Aventus left?”

SA: “Nope, sorry. It’s been out of stock for quite a while.”

Me: “Really?” :’(

SA: “Yup, everyone’s buying it. It smells pretty amazing.”

Me: “Yeah, I know.”

SA: “You’re wearing Aventus right now, aren’t you?”

Me: (trying to keep a straight face) “Yeah, how did you know?”

SA: “I’d know that smell any time. It’s such an amazing scent!”

Me: “Yeah, I’d like to get another bottle ’cause I’m afraid I’ll finish this one off” (At this time, I didn’t have a bottle yet).

Me: “By the way, you guys have Dior’s latest line, Sauvage?”

SA: “Eau Sauvage? That’s old!”

Me: “No, just Sauvage. It had Johnny Depp as an endorser? No?”

SA: “Can’t say I have. What does it smell like?”

Me: “…well, according to people it smells like Aventus.” (smirk)

SA: “NO WAY! Really? Okay, I’m curious now.”

This happened to every single store I went to that day (around 6 in total). In one instance when I asked the store owner how he knew I was wearing Aventus his reply was “It’s what I’m wearing right now, too! I’d know that smell!”

100% of the stores that I went to thought I was wearing Aventus. And do take note that I never initiated the conversation about what perfume I’m wearing. These guys picked it out themselves and made the assumption. It’s for that reason we felt that Sauvage has a much closer resemblance to Aventus than previously reported.

Sauvage vs Aventus

To top this off, Sauvage’s projection is insanely beastly as well. One store asked me about my perfume while I was standing a good 6-8 feet away from her. Insane!

For longevity we decided to test it on tester papers. Here are the results:

While both surpassed the 12 hour mark on paper, Sauvage lingered on much much much longer than Aventus did (and I was using a pretty potent batch 13T01).

While both surpassed the 12 hour mark on paper, Sauvage lingered on much much much longer than Aventus did (and I was using a pretty potent batch 13T01).

When initially analyzed we thought there would be no chance for Dior’s love-to-be-hated new fragrance to even come close to Creed’s Aventus, however given this rundown we’re not too sure anymore. In fact:



What the–! Did Sauvage just…


Super-hyper-combo-finish! BOOM!

Aventus will always have a place among Royalty but, for this challenge at least, the crown will go to Sauvage.

Being able to replicate the same complimentary-getting factor that Aventus had (and at less than half the price), Dior Sauvage just gives more mileage for what you’re paying for. A juice that lasts longer, projects wider and able to trick people that you’re wearing a 5-digit value fragrance deserve its merits. It seems Sauvage has done the impossible – and trust us folks, this is no easy feat. (Don’t worry, we still love you Aventus!)

What do you guys think? Feel free to discuss (but keep it civil, yo)!

Aventus is available in Rustan’s Department Store, SM Aura, and Art of Scent for Php 12, 800.00 (Php 7,500 at various grey markets like Criselda’s and Adam’s)

Sauvage is available in Dior booths nationwide at Php 5750 for the 100ml bottle (Php 3,500 at various grey markets like Criselda’s and Adam’s).

If you haven’t seen Fragrance Fight! Round 1, check this out.

Colin Chan

Colin Chan

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  • Normand Papillon says:

    Nice comparison, people should give Sauvage a real chance with out any preconception the smell is amazing !! the only problem i see with sauvage is that it is really potent and easy to overspray . As for adventus all the hype about this batch or that batch made me loose all interest .

    • Colin Chan says:

      Agree! While I do like Aventus as well, Sauvage’s dry down is just pretty amazing. I’m loving how salty and more marine-like it is. Reminds me too damn much about my recent Bali Vacation. hehehe. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! ^_^

  • Erlson Arreola says:

    Does Criselda’s and Adam’s really sell authentic Creed Aventus at half the department store price?

  • Peter says:

    My personal experience;
    Guys compliment Aventus
    Girls complement Sauvage

  • JOHN says:

    Very nice review with sauvage and aventus. Both were my 2 favorites anyways. I’d like to know more abt grey market’s who sells aventus. Can you please post those you knew and authentic. ty 😀

    • Colin Chan says:

      Hey John,

      Thanks for dropping by! And yeah, nothing but love for both fragrances. We feel they’re great in their own right. As for grey market that sells aventus, you might get lucky with some online discounters like Fragrancenet and in the Philippines (where I live) there are some brick and mortar stores that sells them (as stated in the article). Complex like Cash ‘n Carry, Greenhills Shopsville are good areas to look for fragrances. The ones that are known to be selling authentic items are Adam and Kriselda’s. Hope this helps. 🙂

      • JOHN says:

        Thank you Colin for this review. Hope you’ll do another round of fragrance battle. Anyways, I am from Philippines too. 😀 I’ll check those places you’d mentioned. Thanks Man. 🙂

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