Popular Youtube travel vlogger and instagram user, Christian LeBlanc released a stunning 11-minute video that would make you want to scrap your travel plans abroad and explore the Philippines more.

Tumalog Falls Cebu

At the majestic Tumalog falls in Cebu

Christian LeBlanc is a 22 year-old Canadian national that enjoys traveling  and documenting it on his social media channels.  He also gained insta-fame when an elephant grabbed his GoPro whilst vacationing in Thailand and took this rare and rather epic, uh, elphie. 😉


Epic Elphie, Yo!

The photo has been shared throughout the world and in various news sites like CNN.

At 22, Christian has travelled to a slew of South East Asia countries with his girlfriend but decided that from all of the beautiful sites and places they’ve been, they have never fallen in love like they had with the Philippines. This video, aside from being very informative, can be viewed as a love letter to our lovely shores. So without further ado.


After traveling to Bali last December, I think I’m making it a point to stop my travels abroad for now and invest in getting to know the Philippines more. What do you guys think?

Share your travel plans with us in the comment section below. 🙂

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Colin Chan

Colin Chan

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