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2015: A Year in Fragrance

By January 5, 2016 One Comment


It has been an interesting year for the resurgence of my fragrance addiction. When the year started I had around 4 fragrances in my rotation. By the end of 2015 my collection ballooned to 32.

My crazy collection ballooned to more than 30 bottles! >_<

My crazy collection ballooned to more than 30 bottles! >_<

While I did start my fragrance love affair when I was in Grade School, it was really just last year that I became more serious about upping my fragrance game. You see, I go through about 5-8 designer fragrances per year ever since I was in Grade School. That practice died down and ended when I started working and I had to purchase the fragrances on my own.

It wasn’t until I started helping Unbox Editor-in-Chief, Carlo Ople, expand his fragrance repertoire that I found new love and appreciation for this vice from my childhood days.


My bottles at the start of the year. :')

My bottles at the start of the year. :’)

Creating (and fine tuning) your fragrance collection is no easy feat. With the crazy fragrance buying spree that Carlo Ople and I did (along with new found friends from Philippines premier fragrance community Fragcomm Philippines), here are 5 tips and key learnings that could save you a lot of money (and potential heartache – #araykobeh ) in upping your fragrance game.


1. Resist Blind Buys

 They say don’t judge a book by its cover, and in this instance, we’d like to say do not judge a perfume via its notes. Because no matter how many glittering reviews it gets, or how someone swears this juice will change your life, ultimately it’s your skin chemistry that will decide if something is truly for you.

Smells great but....kinda...itches. O_O

The moment you realize that the fragrance you thought would be amazing doesn’t work with your skin chemistry. :'(

So, to spare you from buying a full bottle of very expensive fragrance (that you may end up chucking after 2-3 sprays)  get decants and samples instead. Test it before committing to a whole bottle. That way you end up trying more fragrances and really narrowing down your selections. You can sift through various fragrance communities to see who sells decants and samples.

These are some of the fragrance community that we follow:

Fragcomm Philippines

World Wide Fragrance Network

The Fragrance Guru Nation

Redolessence Review


2. DON’T give into the HYPE

Hype-hype-hype-hype-hype-hype! CHOO! CHOO!

Hype-hype-hype-hype-hype-hype! CHOO! CHOO!


Hype happens a whole lot in the fragrance community. There are certain fragrances that get its notoriety because of hype. Heck, hype can sometimes (and often times) drive market prices up or down as well. Take for example the Creed Aventus hype that got the Philippine market into a buying frenzy. By the end of 2015 Aventus prices went up by about a thousand or so pesos due to ridiculously high demand and quickly depleting supply.


3. DO understand why HYPE happens



While buying because of hype can quickly deplete your bank account, understanding why hype happens can help you create informed choices on your purchases. Hype can either be a total fabricated viral message or a super exaggerated version of a truth, so it’s really up to you to discern which is which. At the end of the day, hype puts the spotlight on a specific product. If the values and characteristics of said product align with yours then by all means, take the plunge. If not, then move along – or you’ll end up regretting your sudden unintended purchase.


4. Fragrancenet is the Devil

You evil site, you!

You evil site, you!

If you’re an extreme fragrance bargain hunter and you solely base your purchases because of great deals, stay the heck away from Fragrancenet.com. It. Will. Suck.Your.Bank.Account.DRY. This deal site churn out discount coupons left and right and will taunt you with limited-time offer validities (which are totally not true, by the way).

While you can get better bang for your buck, the site almost always tricks you into splurging an extra bottle or two because, welp, there is that “limited time offer” coupon and you can’t seem to pass up an extremely good deal. It’s pretty much Steam Sale for perfume lovers…and that’s almost always a recipe for disaster.



Don’t even bother buying from them if you’re ordering all the way from here (Philippines) since you’re going to have a crazy hard time using your local credit card to purchase (we tried – they delayed us for about 2 weeks until our intended purchases were no longer in stock). There are crazy work-arounds but the hassle just isn’t worth it, trust us. Oh and don’t even get me started on their non-existent customer service representatives (they will hardly reply to any email inquiry).

Here’s a quick tip: pay a couple more, move on to Amazon.com and save yourself the frustration.


5. Be happy with your collection  

At the end of the day if you have more than 5 fragrances in your collection, just be happy with it. Remember, fragrance collecting isn’t about showing the world that you have 100 kajillion faffilion bajillion shabadabalu-million bottles and it is most definitely not a race. Learn to love what you currently have and these fragrances will love you back (whut?).

Lovely!!! <3

Lovely!!! <3

And that’s it! If you’ve been following us ever since and you’ve started your own fragrance collection as well, do let us know your key learnings from 2015 and maybe share a 2016 resolution. Happy New Year, guys, here’s to smelling absolutely fantastic this 2016!

Colin Chan

Colin Chan

All-around geek, Colin stretches his passion for fashion and fragrances (really, he's an addict). A once regular contributor for Unbox, he's jumped from site to site and juggles Ungeek.ph as well as Unpacked.ph. In his off time he scours through mounds of websites, youtube reviews and ads that talk about perfume (that's when he's not busy gobbling up TV series, movies and videos games left and right).

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  • Vasillia says:

    My favourites now are Volnay Object Celeste and Oriza Legrand Deja le Printemps and Reve d’Ossian.

    I am curious with FragranceX have you tried it before? Do they sell authentic perfumes?
    The prices are tempting almost 30%-40% less.

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