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Urban Travel with Venque Bags

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Recently, went on a much deserved beach vacation to sunny Bali! The guys at Urban Traveller & Co. were kind enough to lend us the Venque Flatsquare as an extra hand carry bag for our peripherals and whatnots.

Venque you, guys! :3

Venque you, guys! :3

Venque [pronounced Venk] is a Canadian-borne brand founded by two brothers Viktor and Simon. The brand focuses high-quality urban bags that exude design while maintaining varied utilitarian aspects.


While the Flatsquare backpack is largely an urban bag (meaning designed to house your small gadgets and nifty tech toys than say beach towels and extra pair of flipflops), we thought we’d bring it along and see how it fares the sun, sand and seas of Bali. Well, that and because I really feel the added yellow accent would add a suitable splash of color on this trip! And I was sorta, right. :p

Venque Bag2


What I like about Venque’s Flatsquare is the superb workmanship.


Venque Flatsquare Yellow

Bali’s weather during our trip was erratic to say the least. It wasn’t always sunny outside so there will be times when we’d be caught in a quick shower every now and then.


Quanta ensures the bags are weather-proof.

Quanta ensures the bags are weather-proof.

With Venque’s proprietary fabric, Quanta –a weather resistant material—and amazing lining & craftsmanship, our items were dry and cozy amidst sudden rains, sand and sea-air.

The bag is packed with an extra set of clothes, a thick jacket, phone chargers, passport, peripherals and a book.

The bag is packed with an extra set of clothes, a thick jacket, phone chargers, passport, peripherals and a book.

You may notice that the bag is slightly, um, petite. That’s because we’re using the Flatsquare for her – hey, it’s the only one in yellow (AND the men’s version is too big for my frame)!

So if you need extra room or if you feel the size is too small, there’s a bigger version at hand (just not as colorful as these ones hehe).

Venque Bag4

I usually use my TUMI Alpha Bravo sling bag (link) as my go-to bag to house my wallet, phones, charger, travalo, etc, but during this particular trip, I never once took out the Tumi. I’d chuck my wallet and phone on the front sleeve compartment for easy access and I have enough room for an extra pair of phone charger, a plastic bag (in case I need to put any wet items in it), sunnies, and an extra change of clothes. Sometimes I’d chuck in a 500ml bottle of water too as we did a lot (A LOT) of walking throughout Bali.

Venque Bag5

Overall, I’m impressed I didn’t get tired of using it. The straps are comfy and the padding thick enough that you get very little stress on your shoulders and back. 😀 Kudos!

Venque strap

If you want to check out this nifty little backpack (it also comes in Red, Grey, Brown, Black and Denim) head over to or try to catch them on weekend bazaars around the metro.

Check out Urban Traveller & Co’s social site as well here and Venque’s here.




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