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Tumi Monogram Patch Money Clip: Personal, Unique, and Stylish

By February 10, 2015 One Comment

Last weekend we were at the Tumi store at Bonifacio High Street to look for a new wallet. After going through their selection, we saw a shiny metal money clip with a monogram patch. We immediately asked about it since the idea of having a personalized money clip was so appealing, hehe. To make a long story short, we ended up going for their Monogram Patch Money Clip instead of your usual bifold or long Tumi wallet.

Super thick wallets. Boom.

Eliminate super thick wallets. Boom.

So Why a Money Clip?

Three reasons. First is that our current wallet looks like an overstuffed turkey. This is because of all of the discount and membership cards that we usually stack it with. For some reason men are compelled to use and fill up all the slots in their wallets, lol. You can just imagine how much this wallet sticks out when we have it in our back or front pants pocket.

Second reason is that having a money clip forces you to be deliberate and precise. If you think about it there’s really no need to carry around so many membership, credit, or debit cards. A few cards (business and debit/ATM/credit) and some cash bills are more than enough.

Tumi Money Clip

Tumi Money Clip

Thirdly, it’s unique, stylish, and very distinct! We love it that you can have the free monogram of your initials (up to three letters) on the monogram patch.



Lastly, let me just share what my Dad once told me about having different kinds of wallets. He told me that there are different wallets for different occasions. If you’re wearing a suit you can have a slim bifold for your jacket pocket. If you’re traveling then you might want the longer ones with coin pouches. The money clip, on the other hand, is a great everyday simple and precise way to carry your cash and cards.

The Tumi Monogram Patch Wallet sells for a litte over Php3,000 (forgot the actual price) from Tumi PH stores. They’re probably more affordable if you get them from Tumi airport stores or abroad.

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