Have Your Camera (and Costumes) Ready for Art in Island

By February 6, 2015 February 7th, 2015 2 Comments

I usually don’t take a lot of photos.  My Instagram account has zero content and I’m often MIA on Facebook, but visiting Art in Island changed all that.  I can’t believe I took over a hundred photos in just 3 hours (don’t worry, I won’t post all of them here)!

Art in Island is a 3D art museum in Cubao.  Allot 3 hours to go around the building and take some creative photos.  Leave your poise the moment you step in though.  The paintings are spectacular but your photos won’t look great if you’re too cute in it.  Prepare to scrunch up your face, act scared and look delighted;  it’s the perfect opportunity to bring out the actress (or actor) in you!

Just a tip, wear stocks inside or be ready to go barefoot.  Otherwise, just buy the little fuzzy socks they sell for Php 150.  Shoes aren’t allowed because it may damage the paintings.  They also have camera icons on the floor so you know the best angle for your photo.

On to my Art in Island misadventures.  There my companions and I …

Crossed the scariest hanging bridge ever!


Hid from a scary giant.

Hid from the giant


Met Olaf 🙂

Met Olaf


Learned the secrets of Egypt.

Visited Egypt


Went snowboarding.

Went snow boarding


Explored a jungle …

Went looking for trouble


Took some photos there …

Took photos in the jungle


And landed the National Geographic cover for it!

was featured at National Geographic


I became a giant and kissed a dwarf.

Became a giant and kissed a dwarf



We fell in love.

Fell in love


And did fun stuff together, like surf the waves!

Surfed the waves



We toured Europe and rode a gondola in Venice.

Rode a gondola in Venice


Visited the Trevi Fountain in Rome …

Threw 3 coins in Trevi Fountain


And played ball at the Sistine Chapel.

Played basketball at Sistine Chapel


I scaled a wall like Spiderman!

Became like Spiderman


And he saw a hippo up close.

Watched a hippo up close


I went under the sea and became Ariel (sort of).

Became the Little Mermaid


He almost got squished by a giant crab … #undertheseaproblems

Fought a giant crab


and almost got eaten by a humongous fish! #undertheseaproblems

Almost got eaten by a fish


He robbed a bank.

Robbed a bank.


Talked to a monkey.

Did some monkey business


While I escaped prison … and met Spidey!

Escaped prison


He got knighted.

Got knighted


I got chased at a Roman arena.

Got chased at the arena


We made friends with safari animals.

Made friends with safari animals


Escaped a T-Rex.

Escaped a T-Rex


Shared a popsicle with a tiger.

Shared a popsicle with a tiger


Growled at a lion.

Growled at a lion


Got carried away by balloons.

Got carried away by balloons


And got painted by Van Gogh.

Got painted by Van Gogh


So whether you are naughty …



or nice …


you will surely have a blast in this fun, creative place!


Address: #175 15th Ave., Brgy Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City
Entrance Fee: Php 500 (student and senior cards accepted)