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Snake Soup at Se Wong Yee: What Does It Taste Like?

By December 8, 2014 2 Comments

So… What Does it Look and Taste Like?

When a good friend invited us over to eat snake soup in Hong Kong I thought it was some sort of Chinese herbal mixture with different meats. Never did it occur to me ’till I actually sat down on the restaurant and the bowl was served in front of me did I realize that I was about to eat SNAKE soup. As in the meat is from a snake. Boom. Pow. One for the bucket list!

Before we get to the actual dish, let’s spend a few minutes talking about the restaurant that serves it. Se Wong Yee is a very small and hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant in Causeway Bay. There are no english words on the signage so best that you guys just remember the name and the address if you want to go there: 24 Percival St, Causeway Bay, 2831 0163. This restaurant is actually over 50 years old already and is always filled with people. We were fortunate that our friend was there to save us a seat but when we got there the line outside was already snaking out along the length of the sidewalk (pun intended).

Anyway, let’s get to the Snake soup.

Oh yeahhhhhh.

Oh yeahhhhhh.

First you won’t notice or even think that the soup in front of you is made of snake. There are no scales. It actually looks like your usual Chinese soup with the mushrooms, meat, and herbs. The snake meat is actually the light pink strips of meat that you see on the bowl. There are a lot of mushrooms (I don’t know what kind), ginger, chrysanthemum petals, lemongrass, and I think they also used some vinegar and pepper.

What does it taste like?

What does it taste like?

So what does it taste like? Well not to sound generic but the texture of the meat is actually a lot like chicken but slightly tougher. The soup is a bit bitter and a tad salty. It’s definitely a different kind of taste that you don’t get everyday. I honestly don’t know if the bitterness is from the Snake parts or if it’s because of the herbs and spices that they applied to the broth.

Did we like it? Well we downed the whole bowl but in all honesty I don’t see myself going out of my way to eat it again. I’d eat it if it was served but I won’t look for it each time I’m in Hong Kong unless maybe I have a guest and I want him or her to try it out.

Se Wong Yee also serves other fantastic dishes that you guys might also want to try. They have fantastic roasted duck, preserved duck, soy chicken, and their sausage is crazy good!





Based on the bill you’ll spend around HK$50 per head. Not bad for a very novel experience. 🙂

PS: Thank you to our anonymous friend who treated us to dinner at this place! Definitely will not forget the snake soup experience! One for the books.

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