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Goodbye Rimowa, Hello ProtecA!

By July 28, 2014 8 Comments

ProtecA Max Pass H: Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Has a Worthy Challenger!

It was a short business trip to Tokyo for our company’s planning session. I had my small Rimowa Salsa Business Multiwheel carry-on with me, a birthday gift I got for myself last year while on vacation in Bangkok with my wife, Jane. I got this small carry-on because I wanted easy access to my laptop and iPad whenever I pass through those dreaded x-ray machines in airports. But this Rimowa model still had to be opened wide to pick up the laptop inside. Hassle! To be honest, I kinda regretted paying P32,000 for this.

So I was again on the lookout for a better carry-on. I considered getting the Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Dual Access Travel Carry-on, which was featured here in Unpacked a few days ago. But I found a better option in Tokyo!

I did a quick shopping run in Mitsukoshi along Ginza and chanced upon this nice carry-on called ProtecA MaxPass H. I’m not familiar with the brand. I just saw on the tag “made in Japan”. Hey, if it’s from Japan, it must be good right? Or is that Seiko? I know the young ones won’t get that. Hehe.

ProtecA MaxPass H

ProtecA MaxPass H

This shiny piece of luggage is made from polycarbonate resin so it’s very light. But let me go straight to why I got this brand – the very convenient laptop compartment!

It easily opens on the upper portion of the suitcase! My 13″ Macbook Pro fits perfectly. I can also put my iPad mini, my handy dandy notebook, passport and even some charging cables. Perfect!

Easy-open laptop compartment

Easy-open laptop compartment

I then opened the suitcase and it had ample space for more gadgets. The left side had a zipped cover and soft cushioned lining. It was just right for my digital camera and computer accessories pouch.

The right side is like any other carry-on. I just placed 3 shirts here but it can fit a pair of jeans, around 5 shirts, some underwear, and 2 pairs of socks. With the 7-kilo limit of most airlines though, I decided to keep my jeans in the check-in luggage.

proteca 3c

So off I went to Narita airport.

TSA Lock

TSA Lock

After going through the x-ray machines effortlessly, I still had time for duty free shopping. I stuffed some more goodies in! The ProtecA still had some space for those super crunchy Japanese crackers and that Yamazaki single-malt whisky my friend asked me to buy.

There’s only one catch. No it’s not the price tag. It’s Y46,000 tax-free (less than P20,000) by the way. Consider this as an investment (that’s what shopaholics usually say). Compared to the quiet Rimowa, its caster wheels actually make a bit more noise when you drag it on rough street surface. But I can ignore that since all airports have smooth flooring anyway.

There are four other colors available. The metallic blue was also calling me but I resisted!

So if you’re looking for a cool polycarbonate carry-on that will help you zip through the x-ray machines, then I suggest you fork out the cash for this one. You won’t have to look for a new one in a long time!

Ronald Barreiro

Ronald Barreiro

Ronald ("Bonat" to his friends - no escaping the name his brother gave him when they were kids) has been a slave to advertising ever since he graduated from De La Salle University. For the past five years, he's been having a blast at award-winning advertising agency, DM9 JaymeSyfu as Managing Partner. This incurable diabetic loves to travel and take photos. In his spare time, he just bums around at home.


  • Jess says:

    Where is this available? I am actually looking for one now to replace a worn out fabric carry-on I have been using for years. Thanks for further info.

  • Mike says:

    Hi I just brought the same Proteca suitcase and it has very good quality as you mentioned. I like your yellow tag which looks good with the suitcase and by the way where do you get the tag?

  • David says:

    Any chance of getting an address fir the store in Ginza, I’m due in Tokyo soon and I’m looking for a new case, cheers

  • Fred says:

    Hi, as I see this post is in first result in Google when searching Rimowa Tokyo, I add my experience not as business man’s need but as a normal tourist.
    First, thank you for talking about this brand, I headed to get one before go back to my country and it is top quality, I quickly compared in shops with Samsonite, Victorinox and Rimowa.

    I could buy one and compare at the huge (huge for me who lives in France and where department stores dont have sizes of asian or north american’s ones) Shinjuku Odakyu Department store @B1 floor in may 2015, Proteca’s stand. Price is less expensive than other mentionned brands : why buy a product made in overseas country when you are in Tokyo? Well, its up to everyone, I made my choice and I dont regret it.
    Hope my experience can help others.

  • JGC says:

    Hi! Just want to know if you still like your MaxPass H? I am heading to Japan soon and want to get this for my husband. Thanks!

  • We were searching for “Rimowa” articles and it lead us to your site. Nice to see you and your wife traveling around the world! 🙂 God bless!

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