While Pamilacan Island isn’t half as famous as Alona Beach and Dumaluan Beach, it should definitely be on your priority list when you visit Bohol.

The island is relatively small and is situated about 23 kilometers east of Balicasag. For the longest time, Pamilacanons worked as whalers and it isn’t really surprising considering that the island is home to dolphins and whales. Since 1992, however, there has been a ban on capturing these creatures. Hence, the people of the island “switched tactics” and are now very much involved in tourism and preserving the area. Today, the island is a small piece of heaven on earth.

Beach lover's heaven!

Beach lover’s heaven!

Our ride to the island

The perfect day to be out in the sun

The perfect beach weather!

Can the sky be clearer than this?

Hiding from the sun

Found shade from the sun

Pamilacan Island has something to offer that famous beaches in Bohol cannot – much needed peace and sought after quiet. Going to the island is like owning a private beach. Aside from an occasional visitor or two and the residents who are polite but usually keep to themselves, the beach is practically all yours. While this may not hold much appeal to party people, this is definitely something that the #TitosAndTitasOfManila would want.

The Coral Garden, is accessible from the island through a small, 2-seater bangka. Slather on your sunscreen because you’re going to need it. You’re off to an amazing snorkeling adventure that could last for hours!

Photo Grab from Josh Johnson

Photo grabbed from Josh Johnson

I went to Pamilacan Island from Tarsier Botanika in Tawala, Panglao. It was an hour away by motorboat. However, you can also arrange for a trip via tour groups that leave from Baclayon Pier. This usually includes whale and dolphin watching, a village tour, swimming and snorkeling. While the tour rates may be slightly more expensive than those in Alona Beach, do take note that these tours are eco-friendly and include a lengthy stop on Pamilacan beach for picnic and swimming.

Those who would like to enjoy the island a bit longer have the option of staying overnight in the basic accommodations available. Do keep in mind though that there is only electricity from 5pm to midnight.

Enjoy Bohol beyond the famous beaches, Chocolate Hills and Loboc River. Take time to visit Pamilacan Island – Bohol’s hidden gem.



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Popular Youtube travel vlogger and instagram user, Christian LeBlanc released a stunning 11-minute video that would make you want to scrap your travel plans abroad and explore the Philippines more.

Tumalog Falls Cebu

At the majestic Tumalog falls in Cebu

Christian LeBlanc is a 22 year-old Canadian national that enjoys traveling  and documenting it on his social media channels.  He also gained insta-fame when an elephant grabbed his GoPro whilst vacationing in Thailand and took this rare and rather epic, uh, elphie. 😉


Epic Elphie, Yo!

The photo has been shared throughout the world and in various news sites like CNN.

At 22, Christian has travelled to a slew of South East Asia countries with his girlfriend but decided that from all of the beautiful sites and places they’ve been, they have never fallen in love like they had with the Philippines. This video, aside from being very informative, can be viewed as a love letter to our lovely shores. So without further ado.


After traveling to Bali last December, I think I’m making it a point to stop my travels abroad for now and invest in getting to know the Philippines more. What do you guys think?

Share your travel plans with us in the comment section below. 🙂

Follow Christian LeBlanc at Youtube and Instragram for more of his travels.

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Last year my friend dragged me in the wee hours of the day to SM Megamall to line-up for the 2014 H&M Collaboration with designer Alex Wang. At the time I didn’t really know what to expect; heck, I didn’t even know much about Alexander Wang for that matter.

We lined up at 5:30 in the morning and after browsing through the collection just the night before, I settled on getting, at the very least, the HMxAW sunglasses. 4 and a half hours in line later and all I got out of the whole collection was this…

:( Owie.

🙁 Owie.


This year, we promised ourselves, is going to be different.

HM x Balmain Philippines

For 2015, fast fashion retail giant H&M partnered with esteemed Parisian fashion house Balmain for their yearly collaboration and this time, they’re changing the sale mechanics a bit. A month or so before the public launch on November 5, H&M SM Megamall announced a one-day sales blitz to get a chance to be part of a private pre-event sale of the H&M x Balmain collection. Well, at the time they just said it was a VIP event and no other details were announced. Obviously, not wanting to miss out, we took a chance and entered. Lo and behold, fast-forward to November 2 and is in the private event.

So chic!

So chic!

It was extravagant to say the least. Celebrities, public figures, media and who’s-who in fashion & entertainment graced the event for what would be a sample of the public launch in November 5.

People flocked to see what all the buzz is about

People flocked to see what all the buzz is about

Socialites, Celebrities, Media and Fashion Industry people graced the event

Socialites, Celebrities, Media and Fashion Industry people graced the event

Miss World Philippines, Megan Young attended in full HM x Balmain fashion

Miss World Philippines, Megan Young attended in full HM x Balmain fashion

The event was hosted by Joey Mead-King

The event was hosted by Joey Mead-King

Booze, food and clothes, the H&M x Balmain VIP event had us astounded as celebrities walk in their H&M x Balmain outfits. But what got us stoked even further is that there was an advanced buying that’s happening.

Our invite -- and our Squad number.

Our invite — and our Squad number.

Yes, that's a giant hourglass and yes, that's our shopping timer. #WILD

Yes, that’s a giant hourglass and yes, that’s our shopping timer. #WILD

Just like last year’s collab mechanics, people in the venue are grouped into groups and you each have a certain time limit to shop. They added a maximum piece cap for the VIP event so that more people get to enjoy these exquisite pieces.

Amazing bead-work and craftsmanship here.

Amazing bead-work and craftsmanship here.

Just check out the design of these things!

Just check out the design of these things!

While the women's clothes are divine, the menswear are equally exquisite in their design and execution. Check out this leather jacket with detailed signature Balmain appliqué

While the women’s clothes are divine, the menswear are equally exquisite in their design and execution. Check out this leather jacket with detailed appliqué


The experience itself was surreal when you have to fight over clothes with people like Megan Young, Jake Cuenca or Phoemela Baranda. And trust us, despite everyone’s super chic outfits and their upper class demeanor, once people get into the buying area all gloves were off!



After 10 minutes of sheer pandemonium and panic-buying frenzy, you’d think we’d get  any of the stuff we wanted? Nope. L I did get away with one item and I wouldn’t have gotten it if one of the H&M personnel hadn’t shoved this to me towards our last few minutes. least it's better than a keychain? :D (Also, made in Italy so...Boo-yeah!)

Well…at least it’s better than a keychain? 😀 (Also, made in Italy so…Boo-yeah!)

As with the HM x Alex Wang collab, menswear is the first category to be completely decimated, hence my friend and I decided to line up still for the public launch proper. We really wanted was the double-breasted HM x Balmain shirt and we thought that maybe with the VIP pre-event sale happening this time around it should diffuse the number of attendees on the event day proper, right?  Hoo boy, were we so wrong!

Goodness! That line!

Goodness! That line!

Arriving at 3:30 in the morning (2 hours earlier than last year), we got to the line with more than 70 people in front of us. When the store opened by 8am there were hundreds.

There were more people inside too.

There were more people inside too.

And a DJ! :D Tugs-tugs-tugs at 8am with little to no sleep is not really the best of combinations. @_@

And a DJ! 😀 Tugs-tugs-tugs at 8am with little to no sleep is not really the best of combinations. @[email protected]

They group you guys by color. Also...yellow! ^_^

They group you guys by color. Also…yellow! ^_^

Coming in on batch 4, the men’s shirt that we so desperately wanted is nowhere in sight!  After 10 minutes of shopping, tired and desperately lacking sleep, we went away with a couple more accessories in hand, (miraculously) a jacket that my friend pulled out at the last minute and some pabilins (shopping requests)  from friends who weren’t able to line up due to work obligations. last! ^_^!

Sunglasses…at last! ^_^!

Now...where to actually where this? Hmm....

Now…where to actually wear this? Hmm….

All in all, despite the frustrations of not getting the pieces you wanted, the unexpected purchases, and the frenzied buying behavior of the Filipino consumers, the H&M x Balmain is a rousing success and we’re hopeful that they open more stores to host the yearly collab selling in years to come!

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I usually don’t take a lot of photos.  My Instagram account has zero content and I’m often MIA on Facebook, but visiting Art in Island changed all that.  I can’t believe I took over a hundred photos in just 3 hours (don’t worry, I won’t post all of them here)!

Art in Island is a 3D art museum in Cubao.  Allot 3 hours to go around the building and take some creative photos.  Leave your poise the moment you step in though.  The paintings are spectacular but your photos won’t look great if you’re too cute in it.  Prepare to scrunch up your face, act scared and look delighted;  it’s the perfect opportunity to bring out the actress (or actor) in you!

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My folks, fiancé and I decided to take advantage of the long weekend during the Papal visit and went for a day trip to Abe’s Farm in Pampanga. I really didn’t know what to expect, except great food since Kapampangans are known for their cuisine; plus, I’ve always been a fan of Abe’s restaurant in Manila.

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When people say Tagaytay you would usually think of the following: Bulalo, Leslie’s, Antonio’s, Taal Volcano, “Malamig” (cold), and for the more mature generation, Casino Filipino. However more than the food, cold weather, and the scenic view of Taal Lake, Tagaytay is also the home of Puzzle Mansion, a Guinness World Record holding establishment that my wife and I accidentally visited last year.

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