Every year, for the past 11 years, my wife and I have made it a point to visit this marvelous city. The agenda is simple. We eat. We shop. And we spend quality time together.


1 Supanniga

We’re creatures of habit so we go to the same restaurants to enjoy traditional Thai food like phad thai, crispy catfish with green mangoes, and fish cake. From time to time, we’d try new restaurants recommended by friends. Lately, my advertising expat friend, EJ, has been recommending superb restaurants to try. A few years ago, he took us to SOMBOON. They serve the best crabs!!!

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Ayutthaya City is the capital of the Ayutthaya province in Thailand. The city is very old as it was established way back in 1350 when King U Thong fled from a smallpox outbreak in Lop Buri and made Ayutthaya the capital of his Kingdom. The Burmese army destroyed the city in 1767 though but there are still a lot of ruins and structures that stand today making a trip to Ayutthaya enchanting for any traveler (it’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage site).

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