Gadget Lover’s Paradise

Shopping for gadgets in Singapore has taken a bad rap lately because of all the crazy news going around about Sim Lim (Vietnamese who was screwed out of his money). However Sim Lim is not the only place where you shop for gadgets. Heck we don’t even think it’s the best place for it. If there’s one place in Singapore that offers good deals, a wide variety of products, and hard-to-find accessories, it’s Funan DigiaLife Mall! We’ve regularly gone here to almost every single time we’re in Singapore because simply put this is a gadget lover’s paradise.

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Lau Pa Sat has always been touted as one of the best affordable culinary street-style food experiences you can get in Singapore. Built way back in the 19th century as the Telok Ayer Market, it was considered an architectural gem due it’s distinctive octagon shape and ornamental columns designed by British architect George Coleman (same dude who designed Singapore’s Old Parliament House). Today Lau Pa Sat is now a delightful hawker centre offering a mix of local and international cuisine. Just last June 2014, $4M was poured into renovating it so that it could have better stalls, seats, and ventilation.

In a recent business trip we were able to visit Lau Pa Sat twice to eat late dinner and brunch. Here are some of the photos we took of this awesome must-visit foodie haven:

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When my wife and I attended an event in Singapore we were looking for things to do other than shopping. We asked around for some tourist spots we could visit and one of the most recommended was to go the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel (Skypark Observation Deck) so we could get a spectacular view of Singapore. It was super well worth the trip because the view was simply majestic!

Here are some photos that we took while we were at the viewing deck:

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