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A Treat for the Foodies

These days, foodies don’t just enjoy good food.  They love taking photos and videos of it to share for the world to see.  Hence, the #foodporn has been used 117,731,730 times in IG.  Other hashtags are also being used like #foodstagram, #foodforthought or simply just #food.  That’s how much people love to eat so they want to know the latest cuisines and restaurants to try out there.

Sharing your latest foodie experience can be a hassle with slow, unstable internet connection.  The solution of Smart Telecom?  Provide SmartSpots in strategic locations in the metro so people can share good food and appetizing photos and videos of it at incredibly fast speeds.


 SmartSpots in the Metro

The newest SmartSpots location is at an ultimate foodie place called StrEat at Maginhawa Food Park.  Browsing is free for 30 minutes with an option to purchase more time at a partner stall in the area.  How fast is the connection?  When we had dinner there, the download speed was close to 180 Mbps and the upload speed was at 178.76 Mbps.  You can also experience incredibly fast internet in their other locations at The Yard in Xavierville and The Yard Underground in Pasig.  We can expect more SmartSpots to be launched in the coming weeks.  Follow Smart’s Facebook page if you’re interested to know where the other areas will be.

Smart X StrEat folks collab

Smart X StrEat folks collab

More Than Just Fast Internet

SmartSpots offers more than just fast internet; they also provide great deals and discounts at their partner venues.  Take note that these deals are not exclusive to Smart subscribers, however, they do get additional perks.  To know all about these offers, text SmartSpots On to 292909434 and you will get access to their online magazine.

Dying to share those mouthwatering photos of your latest foodie escapade?  Then pick a SmartSpots area and satisfy your craving for food and need for incredibly fast internet for those #FoodPorn moments.


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While Pamilacan Island isn’t half as famous as Alona Beach and Dumaluan Beach, it should definitely be on your priority list when you visit Bohol.

The island is relatively small and is situated about 23 kilometers east of Balicasag. For the longest time, Pamilacanons worked as whalers and it isn’t really surprising considering that the island is home to dolphins and whales. Since 1992, however, there has been a ban on capturing these creatures. Hence, the people of the island “switched tactics” and are now very much involved in tourism and preserving the area. Today, the island is a small piece of heaven on earth.

Beach lover's heaven!

Beach lover’s heaven!

Our ride to the island

The perfect day to be out in the sun

The perfect beach weather!

Can the sky be clearer than this?

Hiding from the sun

Found shade from the sun

Pamilacan Island has something to offer that famous beaches in Bohol cannot – much needed peace and sought after quiet. Going to the island is like owning a private beach. Aside from an occasional visitor or two and the residents who are polite but usually keep to themselves, the beach is practically all yours. While this may not hold much appeal to party people, this is definitely something that the #TitosAndTitasOfManila would want.

The Coral Garden, is accessible from the island through a small, 2-seater bangka. Slather on your sunscreen because you’re going to need it. You’re off to an amazing snorkeling adventure that could last for hours!

Photo Grab from Josh Johnson

Photo grabbed from Josh Johnson

I went to Pamilacan Island from Tarsier Botanika in Tawala, Panglao. It was an hour away by motorboat. However, you can also arrange for a trip via tour groups that leave from Baclayon Pier. This usually includes whale and dolphin watching, a village tour, swimming and snorkeling. While the tour rates may be slightly more expensive than those in Alona Beach, do take note that these tours are eco-friendly and include a lengthy stop on Pamilacan beach for picnic and swimming.

Those who would like to enjoy the island a bit longer have the option of staying overnight in the basic accommodations available. Do keep in mind though that there is only electricity from 5pm to midnight.

Enjoy Bohol beyond the famous beaches, Chocolate Hills and Loboc River. Take time to visit Pamilacan Island – Bohol’s hidden gem.



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I usually don’t take a lot of photos.  My Instagram account has zero content and I’m often MIA on Facebook, but visiting Art in Island changed all that.  I can’t believe I took over a hundred photos in just 3 hours (don’t worry, I won’t post all of them here)!

Art in Island is a 3D art museum in Cubao.  Allot 3 hours to go around the building and take some creative photos.  Leave your poise the moment you step in though.  The paintings are spectacular but your photos won’t look great if you’re too cute in it.  Prepare to scrunch up your face, act scared and look delighted;  it’s the perfect opportunity to bring out the actress (or actor) in you!

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My folks, fiancé and I decided to take advantage of the long weekend during the Papal visit and went for a day trip to Abe’s Farm in Pampanga. I really didn’t know what to expect, except great food since Kapampangans are known for their cuisine; plus, I’ve always been a fan of Abe’s restaurant in Manila.

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